WT TV recommended: What am I doing here?


Back in 2008 the Dutch program ”Koefnoen” made a pardody on a Within Temptation song.

Check out this YouTube clip in which they perform the song “What have you done”.

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November 20, 2010
  • kuolema

    I saw it back in 2008 I’s really funny :D
    that guy really looks like Ruud

  • jesaar

    Her face at the end. LOL

  • http://www.donttearmedown.info/ AllINeed

    It’s still fun :D

  • moonbeam13


  • hari


  • scythe


  • thedarkestwings

    HAHA, this is so funny :D

  • dominique

    It’s really funny.

  • alessiavamp

    With my friends the first time we saw him we have died with laughter!!! ahahahha is so funny ahahah XD

  • azerett

    Witch from the west :D

  • kaio

    Boring.And is not funny

  • wtnumber1fan

    i dont think it is that funny. They better not actually think that about WT. Because we all know that they are the most amazing band in the entire world

  • http://www.wtsharondenadel.ne1.net Kiga

    quite amusing – one shouldn’t take things too seriously :P

  • scythe

    I don’t understand people who can’t laugh about this!! Even WT does… otherwise they wouldn’t post it!

  • evilangel

    God, it’s just so good!
    couldn’t stop laughing :D  

  • Davor

    I don’t really find this to be funny. It is a bit entertaining but it doesn’t seem to be too original.

  • bili

    This is excellent. I love it.

  • celticbotan

    Oh my, I laughed at this, for sure LOL
    Though I do not agree with what they are saying, it still is funny

  • cheltje1008

    funny vid..
    never saw it before..
    what am i doing here?? LOL

  • Marlene

    akwjakjwak… so funny!!!
    and her face at the end!

    “This isn’t music, it’s just noise” <— That is a my grandmom sentence xD