Tonight, the world celebrates 15 years of Within Temptation: ELEMENTS.

We are glad to welcome friends from all over the world to celebrate this milestone with us.

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November 13, 2012
  • john b

    I just saw the first video from Elements on youtube. W O W!! Totally awesome. Bring the show to Los Angeles :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/leny.provoost Leny Provoost

    It was great, it was awesome… An experience no one can take away from me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.berkers Peter Berkers

    I was there yesterday. It was amazing. Wonderfull show. I tought they were filming the concert. Also a moving camera above the crowd.I hope it is for a DVD or Blu-Ray. If it is true and a concertDVD is coming. That will be a nice memory of last night show. And then i can say. I was there at that special evening!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dryelle Dryelle Amorim

    was fantastic :)

  • Anonymous

    seven perfect elements… a whole orchestra… and two guests… WOW.
    a beautifull concert and as noticed before a wonderfull experience no one can take away!! Xs

  • Jan

    Truly an amazing concert! Still smiling when i think back!

  • http://twitter.com/BigBossTt Roberto Velasquez

    Just out of curiosity, only for those of you who were fortunate to attend both Black Symphony and Elements show, how would you compare both shows? How were they similar, how were they different, just want to know what you guys/gals have to say about that.

    p.s. Congratulations to WT, the fans, those who participated, those who attended, and everyone else who made this all possible. Proud fan/supporter. All I know is that ELEMENTS was an unforgettable show…I just need to wait for the DVD now, so I can get a “second-hand” experience, lol. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/BrainlordGC Brainlord Geocaching

    I was there last night, what a world class group. I’ve been a fan since i heard Ice Queen for the first time many years ago.
    I would really like to have the concert on DVD and relive the experience.

  • Runaru

    It was amazing..Got to say next time more interaction with the audions. We all mist that! For the rest it was damm amazing. I went crazy when I saw Sharon wairing her old dress and when they played mother earth that those old tree-thingies came up. Although know Im thinkin, those girls in red with all the make-up and such were amazing, only somethimes when the fire came out I was bit scared that they would catch fire xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.hampson.5 Carrie Hampson

    Such am amazing night last night. So honored to have had tickets and be part of such a fantastic moment in time. Wonderful stage show and effects. Hope a dvd will follow

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.toupy Thomas Toupy

    Thanks a lot, yesterday was just huge. I was breathless from the beginning till the end. Sharon were pretty amazing and the rest of the band too. I have seen you guy’s @ Rock Werchter Festival and couldn’t even imagine to miss you here just 150 km away from home. I will remember this evening for as long as i can and i hope there will be something like a DvD or Blueray to watch it again and again. It was just awesome, thanks to all of u guy’s and i hope to see you again as soon as possible. Love you Within Temptation <3 !

  • Georgi Manov

    It was an amazing night! The atmosphere was amazing! I loved the part where Sharon forgot the lyrics of my favourite song… Amazing bit. I’ve seen Within Temptation 5 times now, and she endorses each show with different little moment, with which one can remember the show.

  • Jf Wedema

    i’m suprised that the feedback is so positive…. yes it was a great show to watch, but I do have 2 complains: 1st, why the 3 covers? it’s not because WT hasn’t have enough song of their own, they have plenty. the covers where ok, but on a 15 year anniversery concert?? if I would like to see “grenade”, I would go to Bruno. here I come to see WT songs….
    2nd, I’m not sure how it was in other areas, but for area 137 where I was sitting, the sound was terrible. it was just to damn loud which made all the nice sounds to a horrible mess, to my oppinion they should fire the sound engineer right away! for example: the gitar solo, the volume was fine before the solo. Ruud comes forward starting its solo and the volume is put up for no reason. I have also noticed 3 or 4 times the mic started to “sing around”. that should not be possible adn is not acceptable for a show like this. So yes, I was disapointed for sure, not in the band, because they played reall nice like allways, but in the whole experience.
    Personaly I liked Our farewell better when it’s performed only by Sharon, but thats just my opinion.
    Like I said, it was beautifull to SEE the show; the lightning, the effects, the “longlegged” dancers, that was all awesome! I hope the sound on the Blue-ray will be better tuned to eachother then the real show, that would set things right.
    Hope to see you soon again.

  • http://twitter.com/StarInTheSky10 .

    i havent been to Elements,i live in another continent lol but i saw videos and pics of course,it seems so great and well prepared and epic:D but since WT are my fav band i will be honest.i know that it is supposed to be something diff. and unexpected,but does this mean it has to be ‘mainstream friendly’? i mean what’s up with the dancers,the laundry basket dress or whatever…this isnt the WT i used to know:( Black Symphony will always be their best show.

  • http://twitter.com/StarInTheSky10 .

    part 2 : oh and the setlist ! Y U No play songs like a demon’s fate, in perfect harmoney, enter, the cross, forgiven, the howling, some of these songs instead of the covers ? maybe 1 cover at least but 3 is too much, your original songs are better than the covers

  • laboheme

    With this I totally agree with you! I’d rather listened to one of the amazing songs of WT than to a cover of a simple mainstream-popsong from Bruno Mars of Lana del Rey! =)

  • laboheme

    I agree with you that the covers from Bruno Mars or Lana del Rey were totally unnecessary! I’d loved to listen to The Howling or The Cross…

    But I disagree that the sound was horrible! I was sitting in Block 112, and from there the sound was really amazing! Good sound experience!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.vanveenendaal Jane van Veenendaal

    i didnt like the covers ether not those covers and like i said on face book every one will be missing songs every one loves different songs they shouse what they thought reflectet them best but i agree i didnt like the covers the m,e dress though LOOOVED IT missed that thing the way robert entered epic i geus still not over my childhood crush on michiel ( ive been fan sinds i was 9) i just missed stephen a little bit

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.vanveenendaal Jane van Veenendaal

    on the floor i dont think we heared the problems you mentioned i didnt atleast

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.vanveenendaal Jane van Veenendaal

    roberto my friend compare not realy posible in my opinion in orquestra black symphony was better intergrated better sounded better in songs black symphony was origionaly wt no covers and i liked that better ill be honest with that but what every one here seems to forget elements was bassed on well the 5 elements air water earth fire and stone so lets start with the cage dress air the bleu dress that didnt look good on you sharon i am sorry it didnt water m,e dress well DUH earth the dress of the covers had stones on it so stone and the last one she wore must have been fire i only dont know why it was black cant figure that out so every dress had its reason im just glad all of you also see the positive what facebook fails to do they just say T SUCKT if they didnt like it you all see the good and the not so good in the show

  • Ruud Bout

    I was at the Elements-show. Liked it: yes. Loved it: no. I could not hear anything from the orchestra or choir, because the band was “overpowered”. Didn’t like the coversongs (sposored by Qmusic??); WT have got more than enough of their own material to fill a show and I have missed quit a few of their -earlier- work. I still don’t understand what gogo-girls, inflatable cactii and discoballs have to do with a metal-band. Not to mention the three out-of-key slip-ups Sharon had…
    They started 20 minutes late, did not interact with the audience at all (untill they finished) To be honest: It was a dissappointment. It was very much like the Black Symphony, only worse. Lesser guests, no mr. Caputo, lesser show and, not the least lesser sound…. Unlike the Bl.Symph.-DVD, I will not be buying the one from Elements. All in all: Yes, I am a WT fan (ever since Enter) and will stay so, but only if WT start doing again what they are the best at: composing and playing their own material.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dcl44119 David Lévy

    Completely agree with you with sound ! It was not too loud but unwell mixed, not smooth at all… Unfortunately, it becomes rare to hear a good sound in any concert… We will have to wait Blu-ray Edition to hear the Symphonic Orchestra…

  • laboheme

    Ok guys, here are my thoughts about the Elements-show:
    First of all I’d like to thank you for such an amamzing night! It was really magical,stunning performances, incredible sound and blasting lightshow, beaming us to another world! I will never forget this experience!
    The Intro with the Steampunk elements in the video was really amazing! It’s a masterpiece of gothic culture, I would love to have the film sequences as a bonus on DVD! =) The entrance of Robert coming from high above was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. It surely is the best entrance ever! I really loved the little girls performing to “Neverending story”. This was perfectly fitting to the song, I had tears in my eyes… I also loved the performenes to “The last dance” and “Mother Earth”. What an incredilble show! To me one of the greates hightlights was “Candles”. I really, really, really love the performances of George Oosthoek, his growls together with Sharon’s beautiful voice let me totally freak out and made goosebumps all over me! The lightshow together with the fire and pyro elements was surely one of the best I’ve ever seen!! I can’t wait to see it all back on DVD! =)
    But there are also two little things I would like to discuss with othe WT fans who did experience yesterday’s show…
    I’ve been to many WT concerts right now, and I know that it’s always going that way, but still I don’t get why there is no interaction with the audience except at the end?? I mean, come on guys, it’s your 15th anniversary and there are people coming from all over the world to see your show! What is the reason that there is no communication, no welcome words from Sharon or things like that? I still don’t understand that…

    And then there are the three covers at the show yesterday… This is another thing I don’t understand. Why must a symphonic metal gothic band cover such mainstream popsongs from Bruno Mars or Lana del Rey?? Three (!) cover songs at a show celebrating WT’s 15th anniversary… that’s no good choice at all!Why not playing “The Howling” or “The Cross” or…? You guys are able to fill a concert hall with 18 000 people just because of YOUR music and YOUR gothic performances! Why trying to be mainstream such that way? I don’t get it… And if I notified the reactions from the audience, a lot of people didn’t understand that…
    Please, don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the Elements-show, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! Except of that two points…
    I would like to hear some reactions from other WT fans. =)

    Love metal greetings,

  • laboheme

    Hi Ruud,
    with some of your points I think you’re totally right. I also didin’t like the covers, together with the “gogo-girls” it’s much too mainstream… I don’t get why WT is doing this! As you could see from the audience’s reaction, most of them didn’t like that, too…
    I also don’t understand why Sharon or other band members don’t interact with the audience! A few welcome words at least would be such heartwarming!
    But I did like the “inflatable cactii”!! =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.dubois.58 Vincent Dubois

    Agree on the floor … the sound was perfect

  • Georgi Manov

    Man, I share your opinion 100%. I was on the floor right in front of the stage and I completly agree with you about the sound issues! I couldn’t hear the intro of In the Middle of the Night, and so much more! I recently was to a Nightwish concert in a much smaller hall. They had pretty much the same amount of speakers, they were in Sportpaleis, but the sound was flawless. I could barely hear the orchestra. The mixing was terrible. The mic hissings were a little bit annoying, splattering the flawless voice of Sharon.
    And I simply couldn’t believe it how right after Sinead(a perfect performance by the way) they put on a disco ball right in front of the orchestra and started playing generic … stuff. For me, a disco ball and an orchestra have nothing to do one with another. The dancig girls were very beautiful and pleasing for the eyes, but they had no place at a WT 15 years aniversary concert. It simply did not fit into the Elements concepts, nor their 15 years of music, at all.
    Also, I would have loved to have heard A Demon’s Fate, The Truth Beneath The Rose, Restless, Bittersweet, Overcome, Empty Eyes, Dark Wings, See Who I am, Jilian, It’s the Fear, Somewhere, Hand of Sorrow(especially for finisher), The Heart of Everything, The Cross, Final Destination, Murder, or Lost instead of all of the covers. I do realize that, as a fan I consider that WT has no bad songs, but still the covers are so far away from WT’s style, and so far away from the reasons I became their fan.
    I also missed the audience interaction, that they usually have. In Black Symphony for instance, they were having fun. On the other shows I was, they were having fun. I guess they were a little bit nervous because of the meaning of the show.
    I did not have the opportunity to attend Black Symphony and I do not know whether they had any technical issues on that show, but overall, I feel Black Symphony was the better show.
    Anyway, I loved the part when Sharon forgot/missung the lyrics of the first part of Our Solemn Hour. Except the mic issues, Sharon sang perfectly once more – definetly one of the best live singers in the world. I loved I heard Say My Name, Memories, Never-ending story, and Our Farewell. These were pleasant surprise. I loved the hall – a real sold out – one could easily tell just by looking around. People from all over the world were there to celebrate.
    Overally, it leaves a bittersweet taste. On the one hand, I saw my favourite band, i got pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed their performance, on the other hand, it could have been so much better.

  • http://twitter.com/LoveHearts616 Laura

    OK I just got back in Helsinki from Antwerp.

    Let’s get straight to the point

    3 covers: Now I remember , from some
    interview, they were talking about Sinéad and explained that the “dance vibe” of the song was due to 80’ music they liked.
    So maybe…that’s the reason for putting 3 covers, they wanted give space to “dance” element maybe? still…didn’t like it. I mean you’ve tons of wonderful songs, Why wasting time with covers of
    that stuff? I mean they’re nice but don’t think Elements was the place for
    them. We were celebrating with Within temptation , right? So wtf??!!

    Where was the orchestra? : I didn’t hear any of it. I couldn’t and hope that this gets fixed by the dvd bu—it was such a shame!! You’ve a whole orchestra, live choir and…you can’t hear it properly.

    Little to none interaction with the audience & the runaway. Aren’t you supposed to use the catwalk/runway only at times? I mean in big arena gigs they use it from time to time but more or less the singer stays on stage or at the begin of the runaway , in the center, so to speak…someplace where the whole audience can see
    you. In but in my opinion Sharon spent too much time at the end of the catwalk and left nearly half parterre) wondering where the hell she was. Which was quite bad because those people were the ones who queued from the morning. I personally missed all the best moment of the
    song, like when in Our farewell they touched hands—and a lots of stuff like the dancers in never ending stories etc. Let’s say it would have been nice for her to stay in a more central position or to have a screen showing what was going on behind our backs, so to speak. Especially because Sharon’s gestures/ interpretation are part of the beauty of the songs, they way she moves her hands for examples, I mean it makes you appreciate the songs more, gets you more into whatever she’s singing, if you understand what I mean…

    Set list: I expected something different, maybe a more orchestral version of the songs, I would have loved to hear The Dance for example,…basically anything but those 3 covers.

    I also would like someone to explain the meaning of some sort disco dancer during candles I honestly didn’t get it. (This is not a CONS, I just didn’t understand…)

    The last dance (even though Sharon was behind the drums and had me wondering if it was a live or a break with pre-recorded song LOL). Say my name, Candles.

    The ME dress . I’m sorry to say I miss her old dressed (the red one in the black symphony was stunning, also the black one from the howling…)

    Nice scenario, lights, stage, fireworks and Sharon’s voice really wonderful.

    All in all I can say that the show was worth the trip but sadly left a bittersweet taste. The last WT big show I attended was in 2007 Eindhoven (the bonus concert in the BS dvd)and after it I was completely in love, blown away…which didn’t happen for
    Elements. . Maybe because of all the talking, trailer and all… I had high
    expectation which …well were met halfway.
    In the end: It could have been so much better

  • http://twitter.com/LoveHearts616 Laura

    “Overally, it leaves a bittersweet taste. On the one hand, I saw my
    favourite band, i got pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed their performance,
    on the other hand, it could have been so much better.” <<<—I totally agree.

  • Jf Wedema

    probably because the soundbooth was there ;-) there is the guy with the buttons…….
    thats why I preffere shows on a smaller stage… but even then it can be very different in various areas of the room. I experienced that during the 1th theater shows……row 1 it was terrible and on row 12 (next to the sound booth) it was crisp!

  • Ruud Bout

    Hi Melanie,
    That is exactly what I meant, Just some kind of hallo and/or welcome would have been nice. It felt like they were doing their thing on stage just because they got paid and not because they wanted to celebrate their 15th anniversary with their fans. . It lacked the dedication they normally have when playing live .

  • Ashley & Julie

    Just wanted to thank Within Temptation, for a superb concert in Antwerp. My wife and I travelled from the UK, we had a fantastic time, loved Belgium and had a few days we will remember always.
    We’ve read through some of the comments here, but only have positive things to say:
    1) Congratulations on trying to do something a bit different….don’t be afraid to try new things, that’s what makes life interesting. The covers were great!
    2) We were singing along so loudly to all the songs, the sound quality was perfectly good enough (even though my singing probably wasn’t!)
    3) Sharon, you are probably the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world (sorry, but my wife is number 1!). The costumes were daring, but why not, to be honest you look good in anything!
    4) Please keep producing this brilliant music, it makes a lot of people very happy and helps us to escape our every day lives. The Unforgiving album is my favourite, I can listen to it over and over and over!
    5) Loved the stage set up. We were very lucky because we stood just in front of the T and had a great view, doubt we will ever get such a good position again. Good that you are able to effectively move around the audience using this layout.
    6) Pleased it wasn’t a copy of Black Symphony. Yes, that was incredible, but Elements was excellent too. The long-legged dancers were brilliant.
    7) Only regret was that my wife spotted a couple of the band in a cafe the day after the concert and we were to shy to go and speak to them!!!

    Thanks you Within Temptation!