Official music video Dangerous

Dangerous featured image

Within Temptation takes a leap of faith with wing suit base jumpers. Watch the official music video for ‘Dangerous’ featuring Howard Jones, now!

Pre-order Hydra now and you will immediately get the first two singles in ‘Dangerous’ featuring Howard Jones and ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ featuring Tarja!

You can pre-order Hydra here.

Check out the video for ‘Dangerous’, below!

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December 20, 2013
  • JF Bej

    I have always supported your new projects but on this video I gotta say that I am sadly dissapointed. This does not seem like a WT video, it seems like a video intended for youngsters who want to practice outdoor extreme activities. I do not see the Hydra theme anywhere. In addition, the environment where the band is playing seems almost the same as in the video “Faster”. As I fan I’m expecting something really new and this was not the case. Common guys, you have proven you can do much better!

  • Mário Rodrigues

    Nossa, amei o video… a música também é ótima, gostei muito da participação do Howard, ficou muito boa. Parabéns Within!!! =D =D

  • Mário Rodrigues

    Wow, loved the video … the music is also great, I enjoyed the participation of Howard, was very good. Congratulations Within!!! =D =D

  • Sarah Lynne

    I like the song, but this video could have been so much better. The interpretation of the line “It’s dangerous to sacrifice” could have been illustrated by a battle, or someone going down in to hell in place of a loved one, or someone’s struggle with depression / decision whether to jump off a building (this last one would have had the same budget as what was done here). It could have had much more impact as a song and message.

  • Bernadett Pirisi

    I totally agree. I think the music videos of WT which are telling a story are much better.(Angels, Memories, Frozen, Utopia). This was like a commercial promoting exreme sports.
    The song is awesome, but the video could be better.

  • Colin Stok

    Again an awesome video! :D I really like the way the band scenes were shot. Especially the slow motion parts are cool, such as 1:13 and 4:06! :D The gliders are a nice addition as well, since those scenes work well with the lyrics. I also really love Howard’s vocals in this song by the way!

  • Martin Hartl

    WT exceed their previous work again, is that even possible?! Great new music and an extraordinary music video, good job! Howard Jones fits perfect to Sharon’s voice, he was definitely the right choice, that’s blasting! I’m sure Hydra is going to be epic, can’t wait to hear the result, keep rocking WT!

  • Zeynep

    I don’t know about your comment, since the entire song was pretty much exclusively about thrill-seeking. Even the full verse you quoted states it: “It’s dangerous to sacrifice, it makes your blood run to roll the dice.” And I just looked back at one of the weekly-updates and Robert also says it; “The song is about thrill seekers, and well let’s say you won’t miss out on them in this video.”.

    I agree that the music video could have been better -I didn’t like the general colours and lighting, and the editing was weird in some places. But the video is pretty much spot-on with the theme of the song. Just maybe not your personal interpretation.

  • CC

    Cool video concept. I like the energy in the song, but I feel the lyrics and the instrumentation are lacking in creativity. Maybe my expectations are too high after the last four amazing albums.

  • MehDi RhfouDa

    i think the song is pretty good as a single , and the vid is so too , the idea of featuring dangerous sports in it is creative , but this theam doesnt fit WT very much , it’s always cool to try something new but i hope that the next vids have that WT feeling we found in vids such as the howling , frozen , all i need and stand my ground , i’m pretty sure i’m not gonna be dissapointed becauz i already loove let us burn :)

  • Rukj

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but the only thing I like about this video is Sharon’s outfit. And I was expecting a lot more of this song… it’s cool to listen to Sharon changing her voice after the first chorus but that isn’t enough to make this song special. And I don’t like how Howard Jones sounds either. I loved Paradise and I have great expectations for Hydra, so I’ll be waiting for your new material patiently.

  • Wiesław Wypych

    Merry Christmas
    Within Temptation

  • Raki Den Adel

    Me encanta esta canción, es muy enérgica y moderna. Primero me sorprendió “Silver Moonlight” al incorporar los grunts de Robert como en los inicios de WT, y ahora el doble bombo en “Dangerous”. Son dos aspectos de la música metal que Within ya no utilitzaba debido a su direccionamiento hacia el rock y que, personalmente, me alegro que lo hayan hecho :) .
    De esta canción en concreto decir que, veo muy actual la incorporación de ese tipo de syntetizadores, me recuerda al metal industrial de grupos como Sybreed o Blue Stahli. Las guitarras y la batería son muy cañeras y hacen un guiño al metal más tradicional y la fusión de las voces de Sharon y Howard es excelente. Estoy deseando escuchar Hydra al completo!! De momento, mis canciones favoritas son “Silver Moonlight” y “Dangerous”, sin duda ;) . Por cierto, no os olvidéis venir a Barcelona en vuestro tour!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Pascal Stieglitz

    I really love this song. It’s awesome. I think I like it even better than Paradise. But I gotta agree, the video doesn’t match the Hydra Theme. You expect something mystical (The paradise video actually showed that) and this not the case here. Kinda miss those videos like from The Silent Force and The Heart of Everything. But nevertheless, love the song, which is most important! Can’t wait for the tour and the album :-) Btw is it true that you can only download it on iTunes? I don’t use that..

  • Nadun

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…!!! I always wanted more & more double bass drums on Within Temptation Songs…At last here comes my dream a reality. WT should use more heavy metal features like this more often. Love you guys as always…! Can’t wait till Hydra flies in to my hands..

  • Danilo Coutinho

    A melhor banda do mundo nos dá mais um presente de natal.
    2014 será ainda melhor.

    Merry Christmas Within Temptation!
    You are fantastic.

  • Sarah Lynne

    Ah, that makes more sense. I only listened to it a couple times and couldn’t make out all the lyrics.Thank you for clearing that up.

  • Sarah Lynne

    The album is available for pre-order on Amazon. If you want this track right now, then yes, you have to use iTunes. I can wait.

  • Romulo Souza

    does anybody know if the fans have a little time after the concerts to take pictures with them?

  • Romulo Souza

    The secret is not to expect much anymore.Since their last album ” The Unforgiving” , I have lost hope WT would come back with their mystical, mysterious , fairy-tale like music such as the “Mother Earth” and “Silent Force” style. The band is now in another vibe, even though some songs of this new album remind us of their roots,all we can do is wait and see what’ coming :) in my opinion, The song is great and it is a shame the dresses were left behind :/