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August 28, 2012
  • zo


  • Aaron Chetwood

    So much want!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Westland

    i love it. it`s beautiful

  • Diana Carolina Afranchi

    well, is the perfect gift to be properly warmly at Elements!..:-)

  • Garry Butchart

    Its Within my Temptation….

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be your poster child.

  • Sita … ★

    love it *0* i shared it :D wish me good luck ;)

  • Pat Brown-Kearns able to be warm in que!! <3

  • Anonymous

    I love Within Temptation and can’t wait for Elements but seriously I’m just tryin’ to win a hoodie. Shit gets cold here in Iowa. :P

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Argh! Why just Facebook? How ’bout to those who have G+ instead, or those who don’t have a fb (like me)? And not trying to bitch at all cause I love what you’re doing and it’s not like I ever win anything, but you know what I mean, lol. Would like to feel included sometimes, you know? :p Regardless, keep up the great work and music and much love! <3

  • Ânia Ferreira

    i wanted to win this so much ._ winter is getting closer and i need to keep warm :p

  • IvánDena

    I really really wants that hoodie! You guys are the best!

  • Lisa Gadaen

    Jaja, winnen op facebook zoals mijn poster zeker :-p

  • Anonymous

    Heb je deze ondertussen al ontvangen?

  • magali authie

    j’aime super beau pull, j’adore tout ce qu’il a rapports a Within Temptation

  • Aneta Kot Leleniewska

    I WANTS THAT HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!! :) ))))))))))))))

  • Diana Dias

    Love the Hoodie ! I want it !! hihihi

  • Rafael Lee

    My drug: Within Temptation
    My cure: Angels
    My idol: Sharon den Ade

  • Nym Hồng Ngọc

    I love this!

  • Rob Mohr

    The only thing better than this hoodie would be Elements in the states ;)

  • San Dra P

    This hoody is so great….This is a MUST HAVE :-)

  • Viktoriya

    Unique and unmistakable Within Temptation, I adore you

  • Carol

    aaaaahhhhhh !!!!! i want :( this hoodie is BEAUTIFUL +.+

  • Lisa Gadaen

    Jaja hoor, hij prijkt al op mijn deur :-D

  • Samar Tabakian

    Don’t ever forget the songs that made you cry or the ones that saved your life…

  • Marc De Bruyker

    The phoenix rises again… ” Elements “… was nog niet over de vorige CD en daar is alweer een pareltje van meesterschap… dit wordt een hele mooie winter, vooral met zo’n mooie hoodie… CU all on Nov 13th, 2012 in Sportpaleis Antwerpen (B) ;o))

  • Petra Mijdam

    Dat word dan vechten met dochter lief er om ;-)

  • Valcides Di Morais

    Within temptation minha vanda favorita!

  • gregory

    i’m a fan so much as i can i see you on werchter mainstage and it was so great you ware amazing now i sing voor goodie than i do the joepie

  • gregory

    whitin temptation so amazing nightwish evenescence or epica they are just youre replica you are the beste so much better than all the rest i hope too make a change because this goodie is the only thing too get me in balance