The Unforgiving

  • crismic


  • zearil

    I don’t know what to say exactly about your new album “The Unforgiving”, but I feel the need for comment you something about it, because I think it’s the least I can do for thank the more awaited album from Within Temptation.
    At first, I was afraid because of the ignorance about the band’s new image. I thought that the music aspects in previous albums were insuperables: the total melody in each song, the band-orchestra sound’s conjugation, the treatment and modulation of Sharon’s voice in each note… But I know, or renew or die. But in this album I find this and so much more and I’m surprised. First, I listen to “Where is the Edge” and “Faster”, and certainly, the first time “Faster” didn’t convince me, but now, the more I hear it, the more I like it.
    The album is a mix of various musical styles, but in some songs like “In a Middle of the Night”, “Iron” or “A Demon’s Fate” it’s possible to find new registers like Power Metal, even classic Heavy, especially in some guitar’s riffs and drums rhythms. More electro effects, but masterly guitar solos too (thank you very much, it’s a thing that I miss in your music), an excellent strings actuation along the hole album. Another exceptional appearance is the choral voice (I think “Lost” is one of your best musical creations, it’s almost perfect). Then, Sharon’s voice is clearer than before and in this album, with fewer choruses on her voice, we are able to see the beautiful interpretation of the lyrics. Her voice sounds like an instrument more that cannot miss. Perhaps, the only thing that I miss in this album was the piano melody (recognizable in “Fire and Ice” above all. Certainly, a great ballad of unrequited love this time), too much work for the keyboards…
    Summarizing, in my opinion “The Unforgiving” will be the climax of Within Temptation music and trajectory. I think this band has created it own musical style: the Metal Temptation. Congratulations for “The Unforgiving” and thank you for your dedication.
    I see you the 10th of October. Eli Aguilera

  • chantal.loves.wt

    Great album! Love it very much. I’m proud of you WT. Thank you!

  • han2601

    Lang op gewacht, maar zeker de moeite waard! Wauw dit is GEWELDIG!!!!Thanx!

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  • paulh111

    Got the special edition with dvd have to say total impression unbelievable WT Have out done themselves again. Long may your music continue . Have only become a fan in the last few years but all your albums and each one has got better than the last. This  one no exception . Thank you for your music .PH

  • stratpat

    We were disappointed in this new effort. I would say the best song on the whole thing is “Faster”. WT’s style on The Silent Force is what they should have stuck with. I realize that a band’s music evolves, but even Sharon’s beautiful voice doesn’t shine on this record. They sound mainstream and commercial.

    Still LOVE the band though, don’t get me wrong. The artwork on the cd cover blows too.
    Maybe the next one, they can get back to their “roots”. PAT

  • jfs411

    I’m listening to it for the first time, and as I expected great. I’m 56 yrs old. My first concert was in Philly, at the spectrum.Yes and ELP, a classic Battle of the bands. I left that building a huge Yes fan. Now a new band that refuses to say no. I told a young friend of mine that the new album was coming out. He said to me that they will never top Black Symphony (A Masterpiece) It sounds to me that you didn’t even try. You came up with something, not only completely differant, but a concept that others will be copying for decades. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it is 3000 miles from where you are playing in NY. Can’t afford the trip. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts. I hope you do Calif. soon. My concert Bucket List will not be complete until I can put WT marked as done.jfs

  • vinivampire

    just recieved WT new CD and DVD “the unforgiving” OMVG this is by far the best follow up to black Synphony that anyone could have hoped for, never thought pop rock with main stream over tones could be so dark and delightfull.

    well done guys, so glad you are coming to the UK and I get to see you twice in a week.

  • elwin

    When I’ve heard “Faster” for the first time I was surprised: I tought it was not your traditional style, but I liked it very much. And now, I’ve heard the full tracklist of The Unforgiving. It’s amazing! There is a mix of different styles, the lyrics are beautiful and the music is totally wanderful! I love Fire And Ice and Sinead, but I can’t find a song that I don’t like at all. Now, I can’t wait for see you in Italy on October!! Thank you for your music =)

  • metallover83

    Great album lover every minute of it. Its Probably the best album yet, am very fond of iron and demon’s fate.

  • pmreis1

    Hello, I am a big fan of WT, and I waited impatiently for this album. I bought it early monday and I have heard it several times since them. I am sorry to say that I am a little disappoited. Don´t get me wrong, I like the musics, but they are very commercial. In this album WT lost that “alternative gothic-rock” sound that I love so much from the previous albuns. I wish you the very best, and hope that your next album returns to the true spirit of WT.Love you (love you voice Sharon).

  • lego

    WT are my best band that I have ever heard to! your new album is amazing, full of new concepts, each day I play the songs over and over…
    I love your voice Sharon and I love all your albums guys !
    Keep it on :)

  • srt08joe

    Sharon den Adel is, hands down, no contest, THE best female hard rock vocalist on the planet!!! The new record “The Unforgiving” is excellent. Every track is superb. 

    I think it’s about time you expand your USA tour beyond New York in September. There are plenty of fans in Chicago, IL USA who will pack any venue to see you perform live. With that said, I’m still planning a trip to NY to see you live in September.  

  • christiecy

    got my unforgiving today. listening to it all day long!!! its greeeaat thank you WT. You never disappoint :) ) tomorrow dvd session :)

  • fromrf

    Thank you for The Unforgiving! It’s especial album and your songs are wonderful! Your music in my heart!

  • moniqj

    Hoi WT!
    Wat een super album! Ik zeul hem overal mee naartoe:P! Ik zie jullie in september! Heb er nu al zin in!
    Xx Monique

  • dodogo1975

    I just get my CD is pretty acceptable I’m honest with you guys I waited for something heavier, but you know what, I will enjoy as enjoyed the heart of everything, thank you again guys for your music is wonderful and before I forget, congratulations for your new baby Logan.

  • deessehecatr

    Ca y est !! Je l’ai enfin reçu !! Franchement superbe ! La pakaging est super beau, CD + DVD + livret avec les paroles des chansons + un poster avec au dos le noms de tous les fans qui ont partagé leur vidéos sur leur mur facebook (je n’ai pas compté mais il y en beaucoup !!). 
    Je n’ai pas encore trouvé mon nom mais cela viendra, j’ai réussi à trouver le nom de mon mari et celui de ma cousine, c’est déjà ça !
    Sinon niveau musical : l’album sonne plus rock avec des bons riff métal. Sharon explore d’autres niveaux vocaux et elle nous montre qu’elle sait tout chanter.
    Super album ! Pour un premier concept album, chapeau !! (j’aimerai bien obtenir le comics)

  • ghost4

    ok i try to put something in english so i’m french and french people use to know to have some problem with foreign language .. it’s like nederland try to make cheese!! what!! no joke they actually do it ! oh sorry people ;)

    but they have within temptation ( and cheese apparently)!! i buy this cd i put it on my car and don’t know what happened but the cd dont want to go out !!! he is like in love with this cd :)

    so ok i listen to it 10 times no 20 .. no 30 time … damn it it’s not my fault it’s the car remember …

    hey guy( sharon) you new album is so great ;)

    kisses from france

  • fireandice72


  • darkangel1965

    dit album is gewoon super ik geniet er elke dag weer van wt you are the best !!!

  • sergey1rus

    I have waited for this album for so long but I now I’m happy to own it. Great music, great lyrics, great videoclips, nice vocal from Sharon… Hey people, what else do you want?) Recommend for everybody, 100% MUST HAVE album.

  • davetroman

    Brilliant album, fantastic films and superb music videos. What more can a guy ask for from his favourite band. More of the same please. I thought Black Symphony was going to be impossible to follow but you proved me wrong. Love every second of it all


  • wendy01

    I’ll have this album. It’s a great album, great songs. You’ll suprise me and my husband with this album.


  • ikir

    Great album, i’m loving it. And thanks for iPhone app too, very handy!

  • asrb123

    why not make a video of where is the edge would be the best

  • asrb123

    why not make a video of where is the edge would be the best

    andrea from venezuela

  • scurofra

    it’s a superb album … i am listening now at it .. and every song is beutiful … you’re the best !!!!!!

  • wtrock

    I got the album for my birthday. It’s AMAZING & my fave album you’ve done. :)

  • anja

    natuurlijk een prachtig album(heb ik al eerder gezegd)
    ik vind het alleen jammer dat er geen ondertiteling mogelijk is op de d.v.d.niet eens voor me zelf maar voor al die mensen die toch wat moeite hebben met engels!!en jullie zijn toch een nederlandse band
    waar we trots op zijn!!had volgens mij dus geen overbodige luxe geweest om zeker de mogelijkheid te bieden van wel of geen ned ondertiteling voor de rest super maar dit wilde ik toch even kwijt

  • xlovelydarknessx

    I can´t stop listening this album!
    It´s perfect =)

  • aoefreak666

    I’ve been listening to this album for almost 3 weeks non-stop now, needless to say I quite like it ;-) I have been listening to WT for quite a few years and it was the symph/goth style that got me into them in the first place but I can see how they have out-grown that. This was a massive change for them and I am glad they took that step although I do miss their old sound…for that I have the “old” cd’s and listen to them very often anyway.
    There isn’t 1 track I dislike on TU and never skip past any of them. You guys rock WT and can’t wait to see you in concert in November in Birmingham, Manchester and London !!

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  • ffraase

    I’m a little disapointed with “the end records” they have not yet sent me the cd/dvd and its now been over a month. No one has contacted me about it either. I’m really looking forward to it. and would like to leave a comment about the the album. I just haven’t gotten it yet. It was to be the cd/dvd pack with the face book special thanks to… poster.

  • aris2

    I’ve bought The Unforgiving and is superb! I love the new sound with more rock/metal influences. Sharon’s voice is amazing and is perfectly suited to these songs. Then again Sharon’s voice is perfectly suited to everything she sings anyway!!
    I also love the very nice artwork of the album cover and the whole concept with the comic. The special edition of the album which I bought is really great with lots of extra stuff in it which makes the extra money worth it. The band’s best album so far! Well done!

  • felino2099

    Grandioso album

  • bruce5177

    OMG! The last time I was so excited about a new album was… well I cannot remember the last time! Every song is a potential classic. Love the departure to pure rock and the 80′s influence. I will wear out this CD in no time. See you in Baltimore in September! Driving ten hours to get there.

  • xavy047
  • walltearer

    Hey WT.
    I registered here to tell THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the new album! It’s great.
    Especially thanks for the groundbreaking song ‘A Demon’s Fate’ – it really blows my mind away. I can’t get enough of this song, listening to it again and again. 
    Btw, I was on your gig in Kiev couple of years ago, it was awesome.
    So keep on doing this nice job, wish you a very good luck!

    p.s. it would be nice to hear Sharon singing on some new trance tracks – ‘In And Out Of Love’ with Armin Van Buuren was amazing :)

  • ffraase

    I’ve yet to recieve my Unforgiven CD/DVD pack. Anyone else have/had the same problem? I’m feeling riped off.

  • steffani

    I Love WT! When will be in Brazil? We Are country right now to see them again. Success always for you. Kiss***

  • melianna

    I received my copy today. I’m so happy )) Ukrainian CD-licence is OK.

  • wittemanne

    I totaly love The unforgiving!!!

  • sunrise

    I’ve just found out three more GREAT songs of yours, WT, that I had no idea they existed…”The Last Dance”, “Empty Eyes” and “I Don’t Wanna”!!!!!!!!!…I have to say that “The Last Dance” is more than amazing!!!…I can’t explain it but I feel so free and delighted when I listen to it!!!!!!!…I just love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alaric

    I listend to Unforgiving for about 100 hours but it does not work for me. It’s not the music, I love it, but I hate the sound! Finally the compression of the music compleatly killed Sharons voice and there is no life left in neither the song or the music. Life is dynamics. The compression has made the music flat. I’m sorry but with such extreme compression all music becomes booring. This time, not even WT’s lively music survived the sound enginners brutality. Please – I beg of you! Next time, record and produce with the same quality on the sound as you play your music so it can be played on good audio systems and not only from an iPhone speaker. And get rid of your soundengineer!!! Is there anyone else but me that hate compression?

  • darkena

    I must confess that I was kind of septic about the new album when I heard “Faster” and “Where is the edge” before the release of the album…It was too pop-rock for me, I found them empty, they gave me no emotion and I hated the way Sharon sings in “Where is the edge”…the lyrics also which have something déjà-vu…
    Finally, I was very surprised when I listened to the full new album…it’s very different from “The heart of everything” and “The silent force”, the tracks are all very fast, energetic…there is not this kind of epic atmosphere any longer. Although I really do not like “Faster”, “Where is the edge” and “Sinéad” I think the band was right to try new stuff. Within Temptation has always been a creative band, they do not like to repeat themselves. “Enter” is very different from “The silent force” and so on…It’s not like listening to bands like Dragonforce or Iron Maiden -which of course are amazing- but which always does the same thing, they do not create new universes, they stay in a very linear path. I love Within Temptation for that, for always surprising us and making us enter into new universes. The idea of creating a comic book was fabulous ! I love the story !
    So, not my favorite album but it deserves at least 14/20.

  • osscollettss

    Album was made in better traditions of Within Temptation! I like “A demon’s fate”, “Shot in the dark”, “Faster” with Sharon’s voice. It is amazing. I will wait for your team in Moscow.

  • kingd1300

    There isn’t a bad song on this cd but the one track that stands out from the rest is “MURDER” the chorus is so powerful that it gives you a tingling head rush. I don’t see anyone commenting on this song. Wake up and crank it! I hope they make a video of this song. Can’t wait to see them in Baltimore I already have my tickets. We’re driving nine hours from Kentucky. We hope we can get a picture with Sharon. September can’t come soon enough.

  • blackbetty

    Loving The Unforgiving, but “Murder”,”A demon’s fate” and “Stairway to the skies” stand out for me….Would love to see Sharon and the boys play at the Sydney Opera House one day!!!! Hint,Hint !!! Yes, that’s right I’m from Sydney, Australia and would love to see WT play down under.

  • meraj

    The Unforgiving is the best.specially Iron, where is the edge, fire and ice.
     I love them.

  • plokijuhy

    Fact: WT can really throw curveballs and the album could have been easily titled Sucker Punch….seriously unexpected, but definitely still good music.
    Also a fact: I do miss the stronger symphonic component of all previous works, but a day off into new territories is a good thing (but let’s keep it “a day off”)
    Major fact: every word Alaric said a few entries back. My very second question upon hearing the album (the first being “Is this truly WT?) was: “What happened to the mixing?” Yes, the dynamic range is in bad shape, and that is what contributes the most to that commercial/mainstream feeling, not the music.
    I’d buy a proper re-mix in an heartbeat (DR12+? Anyone?)

  • juanjoubert

    I heard WT for the first time 3 years ago and I just couldn’t get enough! Unforgiving is no disappointment. I am so relieved that Unforgiving isn’t failure. Sinéad is my favourite song and I listen to it at least once a day ;) .

    From South Africa Within Temptation YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • tempted13within

    Great album, and I can’t WAIT to see you perform it LIVE in Baltimore, Maryland USA in September!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for coming to the United States, and giving me the chance to see one of the most amazing bands in the entire world. LOVE WITHIN TEMPTATION!
    your friend, ~Pauly Kat

  • lucas90

    just love it.
    its a delicious album!!!!
    i cant stop to hear the songs, in the cd and in my mind jejeje

    when i bought the cd i just can’t believe it…
    i love u guys, youre my favourite band ever !!!

  • pensilvania3317

    Hello there!!!! what a great album!!!!!!! So powerfull. Not so long ago I was more like a grunge kind of girl, then I discovered Black Simphony and it was like a Stairway to heaven!!!!!! Ja. I still love grunge music, but your music rocked my world!!!!! Tks

  • louise66

    Enjoying this album thoroughly, especially Demon’s Fate <3

  • engleby15

    I wanted to echo the comments of Zearil above and add a few extra bits. The new album is great but I do wonder where WT is going with the style.Gothic it is not even though the storyline concept is dark enough. I was very disappointed to hear those dreadful remixes of Sinead on You Tube. I know that music evolves, this album is proof and its fine so long as WT dont go mainstream and sell out their real fanbase. Remember what you are there for WT and keep the faith with all your fans!

  • furface294

    I found a song called “Mother Earth” online one day, although I am now 60, heavy rock has always been a passion. Within Temptation, since the day I found Mother Earth, has been creating benchmarks for other bands to match. I thought that “Black Symphony was going to be hard to match for its brilliance, but “the Unforgiving” goes where few bands would even contemplate, such is the complexity and concept of the project. Always evolving in ways that dazzle the ears, the eyes and the mind, never again will I ask the question, can they do any better? they will.

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  • pardivan

    Everything I could say has been said in the posts above! Falling in Love with WT had been an unmatched experience to me (well, falling in Love with Sharon is quite easy :) ). When I heard ‘The Unforgiving’ for the first time, I was mesmerized. ‘This is WT?’ I thought, slowly pushing back my ‘Memories’ to the Black Symphony (which will bearly find a successor other than by WT themselves). Nowadays, it is the first thing I want to hear after waking up, it is the music I want to hear during my exercises, during work, when chilling out after a hard day at work,… Don’t get me wrong! It is not the only music I hear, but it is my first thought when I think: ‘Well, I’d like to hear some music!’ And I guess, this is the ‘Deepest Devotion’ I have ever felt for a band. I love you, WT! (and can’t wait until Oct.20th, when you will be here in Vienna. I’ll be there :)

  • danberry1000

    HI. I will be at your concert in Worcester Ma. Let me give you an idea of the importance of this for me. I am 53 years old and absolutely love your music and have for several years. I have actually introduced you to my kids… 2 daughters and my son. He is going to be here for the Worcester concert. I bought tickets for him and am flying him here from San Diego to see you with me. Is there any way at all to get a back stage pass to meet you? It would be sooooo awesome for my son… (and actually more for me) to be able to meet the band. …. If there is any way.. please let me know.. I love your music.. thanks.. dan

  • medasmur

    Very cool album. I fell in love in “Sinead” clip after looking at Sharon-anime of Celtic Botan :D

  • cyril

    juts 5 year I discoverd within tempt but at the first time >I beacame crazy about sharon’s voice she’s really an incredible singer.Now before those 5 years to listen each title I can find of within temptaion and al album I’ve bot I’m more and more crazy.If I had one thing to say about the last album the unforgiving is juste incredable so different that I knew bifore and so within either ( sorry if mu english is a little strange lot of time I hadn’t use it ). faster is too great no more for me to say

  • drakkenpa

    Love the album and had an absolute blast at the concert in Baltimore, MD. Great energy and stage presence. Yes, the style is different from previous albums, but that’s what makes it such an enjoyable ride. As we change through life, so does the latitude of what thriving bands are willing to try. Weather the naysayers and keep doing what makes it fun, fresh and invigorating for you all. Rock on and ready to see you guys when you come back to Baltimore :)

  • xaniata

    I love this album. I’ve never been bored by listening it. My favourites songs are “Shot in the Dark”, “Faster” and “Sinéad”. I love the energy in this album. You are great. :D

  • malorna

    I’m so so disapointed, I’m so desperate ! My parents offered me a ticket for your concert in Madrid, my mother (a classical music person) even came with me, thinking that with a responsible adult they would let me in (I’m 15) … And I wasn’t allowed in the Riviera ! And just now, you are performing and I’m home with my I-pod… Will I have to wait 3 years to see you live in Spain ? Maybe you could ask the spanish concert hall not to sell alcohol during your concerts so that teenagers could hear you ! I love your music and your new album anyway, with Sinéad and Staiway to sky my favorite. 

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  • marioandrade

    This album is perfect :) I love this album :) . Big kiss and Hug from your greatest fan  Mário from Portugal. =) You are the best of best :D

  • vita

    As soon as I heard that it has already spent a few days later I was holding the album in their hands. It incorporates music for both good and poor morale, because it is well to raise it. Your songs never tires. The biggest wishes for the group. Let your music in our minds, hearts and memories forever playing.

  • shinodasaul


  • tat74france

    Dès que j’ai écouté l’album j’ai encore une fois du l’écouté en boucle comme tous :D

  • nightwatchman

    I went to your show @ the Brixton Academy London, Fantastic, WOW best gig ever, my throat was raw & my hands were sore but worth it. I have seen many bands with much higher ticket prices but you had such a passion and energy about the whole show which turned the whole place electric. Visuals were great, effects were brilliant, only one thing pitty they couldn’t drop the black screen in the dark after you start playing the intro, instead we saw the whole set with all the house lights up. I know it wasn’t your fault….Still one hell of a gig enjoyed every minute of it, you are now my top band and have already bought the last 3 albums plus “Black Symphony” I hope you release a tour video of this album & I eagerly await your next piece of brilliance. You are trully Beauty & The Beat

  • vita

    This never coming to Lithuania. Why? :(

  • zkandi

    I am a 42 year old male and a very critical music listener, I have to admit. In the very beginning, when your first CD’s came out, I was also very sceptic about WT. Talented ones, I thought, but nothing special. Well, I couldn’t have been mistaken more.

    One night, browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon “Somewhere” from the Black Symphony concert. I was hit by a music revelation with the force of a steam locomotive. That song was just PERFECT. A beautiful woman with an angelic voice, fancy clothes and decors, amazing musicians… pure WOW! It moved me to tears then (not an easy feat), and inspired me to write a few short stories as well. 

    So, I first bought the DVD, then all previous CD’s and today, well… it may sound cliche, but I’m a huge fan of your musical universe. 

    With the new album and new songs, I can only applaud you guys for the dare to explore various new styles and expand your creative horizons, in music, multimedia, the whole pizzazz around WT. Whatever your style may be called today, you’ve made it stand out a head above others.

    My three favourite songs would be the alreasy mentioned “Somewhere”, “Jillian” and “Swan Song”. All three of them are really hard to sing and push Sharon’s voice to the limits, but she seems to sing them with such an ease as if singing a Sinterklaaslied and not a top notch symphonic rock ballad. Bravo!

    Thanks for your existence and see you in Vredenburg Utrecht next March!!! Is there a chance to get your signatures on my Black Symphony DVD???

  • xaddictedx

    Too bad ”empty eyes” and “I don’t wanna” aren’t on the Dutch version..
    I like it though.

  • xaddictedx

    Jeeeu. Mother Earth and Ice Queen are in the ”top2000′  a Dutch music thing in the end of the year… Love it. 
    Xoxo happy new year fans.

  • Fred

    I am an American living in the UK. I originally discovered WT on Pandora (not available overseas now). I bought the Unforgiving and love every song. The band continues to mature and the song writing is terrific. I think the symphonic rock mantel is now owned by WT. Congratulations, that is very exciting. I am looking forward to more. I am only disappointed that the band isn’t coming to the UK on the current tour as far I can see.

  • Hanlie Engelbrecht

    Hello!! I hail all the way from South Africa. I’m currently in Germany though so I was able to see you in Munich. I still can’t get over how awesome show was! I think that might be the only thing I’ll end up telling people about when I go back to S.A. I just wanted to say thanks for being an inspiration and churning out such good music! I hope you guys have a great year ahead of you! Wishing you all the best!!

  • Juliana

    Deceiver of fools in São Paulo Brazil ♥

  • Dιαиα CαиS

    Hello I am a WT big fan from Lima,Perú I like so much and I can’t wait for this show in Lima 7th Febrary . Sharon you rocks you sing like an angel is so sweet you are the best and the guys as well so I’ll see you in Lima next moth now prepare to buy WT ticket for this great show… greetings from lima guys i love you WT rocks!!!

  • John

    I totally agree.
    I love the band, love the music, love the album and love the songs.
    But stick the cd in a decent music system and the sound is awful.
    A tragedy that listening to such a fantastic album should be spoilt in this manner.

  • Samera Breves

    I would love if you played de song ” The heart of everything” in São Paulo, Brazil..

  • Sergio R’ Ivánovich


  • Sergio R’ Ivánovich


  • Sergio R’ Ivánovich


  • Sergio R’ Ivánovich


  • Lea Rixie ‘Yachiru’ Ainscow

    Hey Fred, Within Temptation have already been to the UK on “The Unforgiving” tour. I was able to see them when they played in Manchester last November.

  • Patricia Den

    I Love W.T.
    Patricia. Colombia

  • Ana Torres

    i can’t wait to see you in 7 february Sharon, your voice is perfect like an angel I’ll try to sing like you but I can’t you’re my goddess for me and guys are great too . Thank you for come to Lima all the peruvian fans are pleased =D

  • NiFlheim MyriNa


  • Anonymous

    When do we see an American tour? I found you on Pandora and now I am sharing with everyone I know. I am a 45 yr old renfest actor, and I can’t wait till you come to the states

  • 橙子

    强烈欢迎within temptation 来中国!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Merlone

    just coming back from the concert in Rio de Janeiro, their first here! i’ve waited so long for them to come, and finally they did! it was only the second concert i’ve been in my life, and it was the BEST. she’s just as amazingly beautiful singing two meters from me, as she is singing on Youtube.

  • Rodrigo Merlone

    and also, i’d like to comment a little thing i noticed while i was watchin Ruud play in front of me… in his strap there was the initials RJ, for Ruud Jolie.. but, curiously, RJ is the SAME initials from Rio de Janeiro when abbreviated! funny thing i just noticed

  • Oto Tandilashvili

    I need unforgiving album =)))))))

  • Oto Tandilashvili

    to download

  • 橙子

    Love Within Temptation!欢迎你们来中国China开演唱会!!

  • Hamdidkovistien Den-adel

    you the best den adel

  • Robson Tiliaque

    Hello band…I was in the concert at São Paulo…It was wonderful I loved…actually you could have played All I need and The cross in one more bis and close the concert with a gold key.

    Well I didn´t like the place you played…the stage was too small. There are much better and big places to play than this one choosen by the producer.

    Don´t take too much time to back again…we love you.

    Thanks for all.

    Hope See you soon.


  • 橙子

    Love U!I wish one day U will perform in China!

  • Bjørn Kyllingstad

    Hi There:)
    We are 4 norwegians travelling to see WT.
    I got 1 ticket for sale (44Euro)
    14april at Koninklijk Theater Carré,Amsterdam
    Seat:”Parterre Links,rij 4,stoel 51
    We will be seated beside you and it is “1st class tickets!!
    Please make contact by e-mail:

  • Anne den Adel

    I’m one new, addicted, crazy fan from Greece! I hope there will be a performance in Greece. I have nudged my dad to death and made him swear to take me in whichever city the performance takes place. I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

  • Marisol Elena Castro Rejon

    sharon you are the best love to see you at the concert in the city of Mexico. I am a painter and when I paint your voice inspires me I love you!!

  • Anonymous

    I am a newbie from the UK of the Led Zep generation. Discovered you guys from Sharon’s collaboration with Armin van Buren.

    You are awesome! Sharon’s voice is stunning.

    Sinead is the bees knees! With the short film it is simply begging to be the soundtrack of a great film/TV Drama. There must be a producer, director and screenwriter out there who can realise the potential. I can’t stop playing the song and video.

    I say go Sinead, go girl and take no more rubbish

  • Saiko IViperl

    it’s nice for me to feel that my words will arrived to u guys
    BTW My name is Ghalib from Egypt
    i’m Great fan for u
    and Sharon u killing me by ur Voice
    i really hope that u doing tour at Egypt u have many Fan’s here

  • Jhon Jawuar Casallas

    holaaaaa mi nombre es jawuar hollé….sharon te amo husssf…eres la nena mas hermosa que yo allá podido ver y mi sueño seria verte en persona!!!

  • Marijke van Zundert

    hey jongens!!
    volgende week zaterdag is het zover!!
    ik heb 3 maanden moeten wachten maar eindelijk zie ik jullie weer op 17 maart in theaters tilburg!!
    ik kan niet wachten.
    tot volgende week zaterdag!!

    groetjes en xxxjes marijke van zundert uit tilburg

  • Anonymous

    Hi, washing the favorite band! I from Russia (St.-Petersburg). Your albums in St.-Petersburg can’t be got, that is it is almost impossible to buy. How it is possible to receive your album The Unforgiving and not only it? Whether it is possible to order an album?

  • Andres Coyotl Cortes

    yo soy de mexico y me gusta su musica

  • Arty Kuzmin

    The Heart of Everything is better than The Unforgiving

  • Ratna Sulistyowati

    hey you there.. i waiting so long to know when Within Temptation will get tour at Indonesia? wondering see Sharon sing live is amazing.. Give us more awesome song in next album.. GBU ^_^ —– (hear “The Heart Of Everything”)

  • Kari Korva

    I had to say that The unforgiving is the best rock album that i heard last year. I was waiting Nightwish new album Story Time and what a crab. Thanks for good album!

  • Elder Carmo

    The songs are addictive tempitation the wiyhin can not stop listening to “faster” and do not want because it is a splendid song of magnitude, I’m your fan, perfect.

  • Fernando Henrique Domingos Sil

    Hi Within Temptation!
    Just hearing your last album right now and I had to say, one of my favorites so far! Wonderful! Keep the good work and come back to Brazil soon please!

  • Anonymous

    Shalom Within Temptation!
    Please come back to the United Kingdom or Israel please. There are the two places that i could come to yout concerts! <3

  • Danielle Scally

    I just had to comment and say that The Last Dance is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It is really amazing, you can’t begin to imagine how much it means to me. What was your inspiration for the song? I love it.

  • Alexandre Cardoso

    I like very so much of this band, and Sharon for me, she is the better vocal in the last ten years…. your vocal is “fantastic” and “fenomenal”.

  • Anonymous

    Jullie zijn een super band, mijn dochter van 5 is een hele grote fan van jullie.
    De cd van the unforgiving , heb ik moeten inleveren bij haar.
    Misschien ziet ze jullie in Heerlen op 23 juni.

    Groetjes Angela & Chelsea

  • Anonymous

    is soo beatifull this … i like so much

  • Shobu Alex

    the unforgiving is the worst album i ever seen at within temptation :( The Heart of Everything is the best album !! sorry within temptation but this is my opinion !

  • Julien Turgy

    The Unforgiving is one of the most innovative projects I was able to see in the heavy metal music and I am very proud that is my favorite group which is the author.
    The Unforgiving is an excellent album, perfectly in agreement with the whole concept, a very good work and I would eternally be grateful to you for having mixed my two passions that are comics and heavy metal.
    Thanks to you again!

  • Kendra Deckers

    Jullie zijn echt fantastisch! l love your music so much!

  • Rick Perrelet

    The Unforgiving CD is fantastic! Great concept! Keep up the great work! I hope one day you come to the US to play! I would travel by plane, train or automobile to see you all and bring a caravan full of devoted fans!

  • Sean Euan Coutts

    Dude, what is wrong with you, man

  • Willie Olivier

    Its Soooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!! Just Please Come To South Africa PLEAEEEEEEESE

  • Dave Swallow

    What we REALLY need is a full UK tour………………………..sooooon please

  • Joao Vitor

    i love

  • Fluido Rosa

    In the middle of the night!!!!! is perfect!

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to thank you for making such great music. The music industry is saturated with superficial bands with no heart and soul. Within Temptation is one of a kind “state of the art band” that needs no introduction anymore. The last album “The Unforgiving” is one of the very best melodic hard rock album I have heard over the last twenty years! If you happen to read this message, know that you have a die hard French fan exiled in South Georgia (U.S.A) who thinks the world about your band! Hail to you guys! Vive Within Temptation!! J-J

  • Anonymous

    You are a fantastic group of musicians. Your music is very inspiring.

  • Tommy Wertti

    Awesome show in Finland Saaristo Open @ sat 9.6.2012. Weather could have been better but Your fantastic music and the show made the evening so beautiful, thank U so much, really was night to remember!

  • Paky Harinero Girona

    hello I would like to give me the address of the fan club of Spain to keep up with this piece group.

    Sonisphere voice in in Madrid, had never heard the live and from that day have a new fan.
    or my god are great live!!

    tremendous would you do me a favor

    thank you very much

  • Dominique Dworzak

    don’t know ’bout you till this day. Because of a facebook friend, you’ll stay in my favorites. You’re greats and go ahead

  • David Nunes da Silveira

    Hello, I’m fan of the band Within tempation I will be in July, visiting my daughter who lives in Rotterdam, I would like to see the show of Within Temptation, in Holland, I wonder if you show scheduled for the month of July, ok

  • Garreth Allen

    I’m actually in the process of writing a story that draws heavy influence from this album. It’s a documentation of a Nuzlocke run, which is a self-imposed challenge for Pokémon games (in which all deaths are permanent), and I found that the underlying themes of The Unforgiving work very well with it.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the awesome music. I’ll try not to sully your work too badly.

  • Alan

    I was lucky enough to see all 4 UK gigs….Brixton was just rovking m/ m/

  • Jeremy Rynek

    Amazing album, bar none the best female fronted album I’ve ever heard.

  • Russell Singley

    OMG…I love this album! Stumbled upon it by accident, and it just speaks to me. Great job guys! Best album I’ve heard in ages.

  • Kriston M J Renshaw

    Where have you guys been! Awesome album!!!

  • Kriston M J Renshaw

    Seriously get yourselves to the Isle of Man TT in 2013! They will love your music at Bushys tent!

  • Brian Kelman

    In Canada, it is the law that 30-40 % of what is played on the radio must be Canadian content. Such protectionist policies means I’m subjected to artists of questionable talent that means there is not enough room to
    include a lot of outstanding international acts and musical genres. One of these neglected genres is symphonic metal.

    I was in a state of complete ignorance when I received an email from that featured upcoming new metal releases. Within Temptation “Unforgiving” was one of them. Never heard of them. Looking for something new, I did a little research on YouTube, but I still thought I was taking a chance when I ordered the album. To say I was impressed when I first heard the CD, watched the videos and read the comic story is an understatement. “Faster”, for example, just blew me away (and I was pleasantly surprised that the skyline in the video was Toronto which is 100 km east of my home). Real passion and emotion resonated from the speakers and the TV screen.

    Over the winter I added another Symphonic Metal band to my collection because I was now receptive to the genre. In the spring I added ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Silent Force’, ‘The Heart of Everything’ and ‘Black Symphony’. I’m watching the latter as I type. An outstanding performance.

    Thank you Within Temptation for opening my heart, eyes and ears to how much more there is out there to entertain me.

    Finally, a belated Happy Birthday to Sharon from a fellow Cancer. All the best to the band and their families.

  • Dannster ‘Prevails’ Dixon

    Completely agree, I can’t wait to see them again in the UK (it’ll be my 4th time the next time they come)

  • xypherx

    Hi there, Greetings from Ireland, was just wondreing how the song, ‘Sinead’ came about, Im Irish and, Sinead is an Irish Girls Name, so iI was wondering what or who inspired the song

  • Carol

    My favorite album is TSF :D but The Unforgiving is also perfect just like everything done by WT :D

  • Erin Schultz

    Wish You guys would Tour in the US I would love too see you guys….Love your music

  • andres

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  • Myrthe

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  • Niels

    During the ELEMENTS concert in Antwerp there were a lot of cameras used. But no news about any DVD recordings. Is there anybody who nows more??

  • pixie

    After reading this comments below,i think i have to compliment the Within Temptation from my heart.I peomise i am the stan of you.Sharon’s voice is perfectly beautiful!!!It’s no denying that her voice filled with power reflection.Different style makes different feeling and emotion.Anyway I love within temptation.i am a Chinese

  • Lea

    Will you make an Unforgiving Tour DVD ? That would be great:)

  • Dutchman in Oz

    When when when will Warner Music in Australia start to promote this band??? They are practically unheard of down-under.. and they would be HUGE here if they just got some airplay!!!!

  • Christelle ツ

    Are you coming to Lebanon ?!!

  • ARt ANgel’s

    i love your show

  • Adriana Gomes

    Love ♥

  • Fabian Ortiz

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  • Peta Barrett

    Hope that if you do come to Australia, you come to Perth, Western Australia..

  • Anonymous

    i hope you can do a concert here in the philippines! i really love you guys! :) i wish to meet you SHARON! :)

  • reza auliya

    Hope if you come to Indonesia sometimes..:)

  • Manny Peralta Lagustan

    Have a concert in the Philippines to hear all the Filipinos the great music of Within Temptation……and also we want to see Sharon’s angelic face in personal. More power to you guys.

  • Manny Peralta Lagustan

    I second the motion. We love you Sharon.

  • Leah Jane

    And Melbourne!!!

  • Jason Lim

    Will you come to Singapore? Big fan here!

  • Angel Castellano

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