Album World Tour 2014

European dates


Ticket salesfor the European dates of the World Tour have started. Read the complete message explaining the rescheduling of the tour, here.

Date Place Venue Tickets
February 26 Helsinki (FI) Cable Factory TICKETS
February 28 Moscow (RU) Arena TICKETS
March 01 St Petersburg (RU) A2 TICKETS
March 04 Vilnius (LT) Teatro Arena TICKETS
March 05 Minsk (BY) Sporthalle TICKETS
March 06 Kiev (UA) Stereoplaza TICKETS
March 08 Poznan (PL) Sala Ziemi TICKETS
March 09 Warsaw (PL) Torwar TICKETS
March 11 Prague (CZ) Mala Sports Hala TICKETS
March 12 Bratislava (SK) Refinery Gallery TICKETS
March 14 Budapest (HU) Petofi Hall TICKETS
March 15 Vienna (AT) Gasometer TICKETS
March 16 Zurich (CH) Hallenstadion TICKETS
April 06 Munich (GER) Zenith TICKETS
April 07 Hamburg (GER) Sporthalle TICKETS
April 08 Cologne (GER) Paladium TICKETS
April 09 Ludwigsburg (GER) Arena TICKETS
April 11 Manchester (UK) Apollo TICKETS
April 12 London (UK) Wembley Arena TICKETS
April 14 Newcastle (UK) Academy TICKETS
April 15 Glasgow (UK) Academy TICKETS
April 16 Birmingham (UK) Academy TICKETS
April 18 Frankfurt (GER) Jarhunderthalle TICKETS
April 19 Erfurt (GER) Thueringenhalle TICKETS
April 20 Berlin (GER) Columbiahalle TICKETS
April 22 Toulouse (FR) Bikini TICKETS
April 24 Lyon (FR) Radiant TICKETS
April 25 Paris (FR) Zenith TICKETS
April 27 Nantes (FR) Zenith TICKETS
April 28 Lille (FR) L’aeroneuf TICKETS
April 29 Antwerp (BE) Lotto Arena TICKETS
May 02 Amsterdam (NL) Heineken Music Hall SOLD OUT
May 03 Amsterdam (NL) Heineken Music Hall TICKETS
  • Mel SSchiewe

    and what about an Elements DVD?

  • Scott

    really wish when you do the UK tour dates, that you could come to Cardiff South Wales instead of doing just England & Scotland

  • Tânia Valentim

    Don’t see Portugal :(

  • Hayley Traynor

    Woop! See you in Birmingham and London!! :D

  • James Kapherr

    Bought tickets to Manchester…. Row BB, front circle seats 46-47 :)
    Was trying to get AA 20-21 but alas, wouldnt put me in a central location.

  • Stephen Irn Bru Payne

    Ooooh I so want tickets to Newcastle was ment to see you at sonicsphere knebworth last year but it was cancelled I cried

  • Joanne Drewery

    Guys, for some reason it’s not working for the Birmingham concert! It says tickets not available yet… going crazy here!!

  • Armando Luz

    What about Portugal ?????

  • Aidan Downes

    The Ticketmaster website just says “Tickets are currently not available online”. I’m confused!

  • Sarah Musgrove

    I totally agree with Scott. I wish you guys would come to Cardiff for once! Whenever you tour the ‘UK’ you only ever go to Scotland and England. Why not Cardiff???

  • Rachel Scarlett Hobday

    It’s saying Birmingham tickets aren’t available yet :/

  • David Westwood

    I had same problem for Wembley but found it worked by hovering mouse over PRE-SALE for the venue above and the right clicking and selecting ‘open link in new window’ Hope this helps

  • David Westwood

    I had same problem for Wembley but found it worked by hovering mouse
    over PRE-SALE for the venue above and then right clicking and selecting
    ‘open link in new window’ Hope this helps

  • David Huw Bale

    Totally agree, Wales always gets overlooked!!!

  • David Huw Bale

    Balcony in Birmingham sold out already WTF!!!!

  • David Lang

    What about coming to Dublin, Ireland instead of just the UK.

  • Anonymous

    This should work, did it help Joanne?

  • Anonymous

    This should work, did it help Rachel?

  • Nicole J Gullstrand

    you guys should come to the US just saying :D


    Still no Australia, my 6 year old is waiting

  • Jaco van der Molen

    When will the shows in the Netherlands be? That is… if I asume your tour will also hit your home country ;-)

  • Fabienne

    Cannot express how happy I am that you’re back in Lille in 2014. You guys rule!

  • Maria Jose Farias Villalobos

    come back from chileeeee again pleaseeeeeee

  • ivan

    when you will come in croatia? :(

  • Joanne Drewery

    Thanks, David Westwood, I got sorted in the end!

  • Anonymous

    in Belgium??????

  • Anonymous

    Can’t buy without credit card. That’s a problem, I don’t have one… :( Everything will be sold out before I can buy from a Dutch site.

    This is annoying. F*cking credit cards This just f*cked-up my plans for a fantastic birdday present for my girlfriend.

  • Eduardo

    Elements DVD please

  • Maša Brglez

    It would be really awesome if you could come to Slovenia :)

  • Saari

    Please visit Sweden!

  • Patti Marie

    Hope you plan on coming back to the United States for a tour! Last time youI my area it was Ramshead in Baltimore, Maryland. Hope you guys make it there again in the future!

  • Tanja Renate

    Norway or Sweden please!

  • magor-no1

    and the Czech Republic?

  • Trinity Te’lyr Trawick

    please come to the U.S! I LOVE you guys and your music. I hate the popular mainstream “music” i always have to see and hear because that’s all anybody listens to anymore. But you guys Rock. I hope one day i can see you in concert.

  • Kisa

    Is there any chance Bulgaria to be a location in a tour soon?

  • Rowan Worth

    Is there a gig in australia? ^_^

  • Virginia Johns

    what?! No Canada?! :(

  • Aline Cardoso

    Come back to Brazil *——————-*

  • Dannas3

    Many of us would love for you to come to the USA :)

  • Leah Martin DragonsGirl

    I thought World Tour meant “WORLD”? When are you coming to AMERICA? That is part of the World Tour…..

  • Laczor

    I hope you’ll come to Hungary! It would be like a dream comes true. :D

  • Lian del Angel

    ARGENTINA definitely, you could do even 2 sold out shows in here guys! We are a LOT of fans!

  • Lydon Daniel McGrane

    Pleeeease come to South Africa!


    it is not a world tour if you do not come to Australia !!!!!

  • Leonzaso GE

    when do you come to mexico?

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Hello no need to state how much love band should view my facebook page or see my merchandise lol, they must tour Australia this time around heard havent been asked by mob here wish to come please check into it have it some time 2014 ok Matty

  • Luke Fletcher

    canada edmonton that is all! Love you guys you rip!!!

  • Alex Vasiliou

    are you coming to Greece?

  • Sarah Adel

    Can you guys PLEASE come to Dubai?!

  • Giedrė Veličkaitė

    Please come to Lithuania :)

  • Ralph Schott

    absolutly. would spend the extra for VIP tickets like we did for Nightwish

  • Panaite Cosmin

    Guys, will you ever come in Romania?

  • Matthew Stride

    Please include Australia this time in the world tour.

  • Gregor Gniewosz

    I do hope your world tour is not just a Europe tour, would love you guys to come to Australia!!

  • Jaume Alsina

    When do you come to Barcelona? Thanks!

  • Alejandro

    Please come back to South America <3

  • karina rodríguez


  • Kassidy Michel Payne

    I would go to the closest concert to buy VIP and backstage tickets (if they have them) if they came to the USA. :)

  • Alex G. Betancourth

    Please!! Tell me when you go to Switzerland??

  • henrique

    Where’s brazil? :c

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Hello please tour Australia very much big fan, not just europe usa festivals might be one last few chances too see great band wt one best ever.

  • Thor Olaf Eric Tabulo

    I agree, please come to Australia, I don’t care which part, I’ll fly there! :)

  • Dani Swantek

    Please come to the US, please pretty please???? I want to see you guys live so bad!

  • ss27

    Its not a world tour if you just stay on one side of the world you got to go to more places than just europe to be a world tour come to the US

  • Lis

    We’re waiting for you here in Italy! :D

  • Laurelle Panthera

    Come to Denver Colorado please!!

  • Ivan Rojas


  • Dany Alvarez

    We want you in Mexico!

  • Daniela

    Hello everyone. I like the European world tour line up. It would be amazing if you could all come and do a concert (or a few) in Perth, Western Australia! I flew to Austria and watched you live in Vienna in October 2011 with my husband on our honeymoon. It was a great experience and I am sure that other people from Australia would love to see you experience our country in the near future. Wish you well on your tour :) .

  • Anonymous

    Dates have changed (UK at least) to April. Original tickets still valid. Check your venue’s website…

  • kátjà


  • Kylie Preisig-Toro

    Please please please please come to Australia!!! Is there any chance of that happening for this tour??? PLEASE!!!

  • Laurelei Powell

    Please, please, PLEASE come to the US!!!!!!!!!

  • Guipouy

    Please, please, Pleeeaaaassseee come to Toulouse

  • Kety Momsen Lee ♫♥

    Croatia <33 please

  • crowstomb

    I really hope you guys come to the United States next year!! My friends and I have wanted to see you live for years and were unable to go the last time you visited, so it’s a big deal for us! And reading several of these other comments, you’d be doing an even bigger favor by also visiting Canada & Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, Eastern Europe & Scandinavia, and Asia! You have fans EVERYWHERE, you guys are THAT awesome!! Please give us all a fair chance to show just how much we love you guys

  • GARY

    Love your music just wish you would come to the U.S. and play at RED ROCKS in COLORADO you all will love it

  • Enrique Zuñiga Santoyo

    Please come to México City!!
    Mexico loves Within Temptation!
    I want to see you live, you’re such an awesome band!

  • Paul Maisonneuve

    I have to agree that it would be great to see you in the USA! I know it must be a huge cost. but I hope you find a way to make it a feasible trip. I’d find a way to come see you multiple times :-)

  • Jeff Boutin

    Amazing Band !!!!!!!! Come in Montreal !!!!!!!

  • Stephany

    please please come to méxico city!! I love you

  • Carlos

    ¡Come to México! ;D

  • Jeffrey Kolodziej

    We love to see you live in the USA. Please come.

  • Cesar Augusto Othero Tiossi

    Brazil, São Paulo ;)

  • Lachie James

    Come to Australia. PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE! :D

  • Mohamed Elnahaas

    Come to Australia :)


    We would love to see you in Los Angeles, California. Don’t forget us!!!!!!!!

  • MetalGoddess666MJ

    Will you come to Florida?

  • Israel De Leon

    I wanna see you in Monterrey/méxico please

  • Joan Capel

    Can you come to Spain? You are AMAZING!

  • Carrie Quinn Taylor

    When are you coming the US?!?!? Love your music

  • Alx

    Mexico Mexico México

  • Rafael Veiga

    And Portugal? “What About Us”?

  • Fabio Giannone

    Argentina, plis. hay muchos fans aqui que los estan esperando.

  • Israel De Leon

    Monterrey in México

  • Nexus

    PLEEEEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nexus


  • Krystle Kyriakou

    Will you ever come to Australia!! I have been waiting for years!!! I know we are far but you will be surprised with how many fans you have down here!!

  • Israel De Leon

    Monterrey!!!!!!!!! in México please

  • oedrox


  • oedrox


  • Aaron Coghlan

    Please, come to Australia!

  • Sharon

    Please! Wishing so too

  • Sharon

    Please visit Australia xsxsx I spent a fortune today buying your beautiful music xsxs Please

  • Eliran Cohen

    Come to israel!:(