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Video #10

Video #9

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  • Nathalie Khatcherian

    Is there going to be a DVD of The Unforgiving tour ?

  • Vaughn Self

    Yes, I would love to buy a DVD of The Unforgiving tour ;)

  • Joy Uslion

    Please come to America!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!! We need you!!!!!

  • SirJonathan Allun Bareno

    Hello I can’t see where is your next concert. there is no official channel in youtube. could you post where is your next performance, plis. I would like to be there. Thanks and succesful in all your plans guys.

  • Igor Gilla

    Please, come back to Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro! We Love you! You rock, guys! The Unforgiving show was INCREDIBLE! We want more! We need more! Congratulations for the sucess. The cariocas are waiting for your return!

  • Anonymous

    we need u guys to come to norway! its alot of fans that want that….btw i adore ur music awesome! keep it up!

  • Денис Шатковский

    Come to Ukraine! In Kiev, We are waiting for you :)

  • Nathalie Dubuc

    Come to Canada in Montreal, we love you here!

  • demians herrera

    cuando vendras a Chile?

  • demians herrera

    yPlease com
    Please come to CHILE!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!! We need you!!!!!

  • Mark Yandle

    My GF and I love everything you guys do on and off the stage. You are truly original, talented and exciting to see in concert. We would like to know the names of all you in concert DVD’s so we may purchase them. Also, we live in the USA and would like to know when you plan to tour here. We live in the State of Florida. We so want to see you live.

  • Maja Pranjić

    PLEEEEEEEASE COME TO CROATIA! I’M BEGGING YOU. 2008…. it’s been a long time since you’ve been here. please come. :(

  • philip

    show no rio de janeiro

  • amber


  • Tatjana

    Dear Within Temptation!
    I think that the time has come to visit some new countries of Europe that you haven´t visited yet. ;) Sounds very funny but a very little country called Estonia is waiting for you for so long :) I really hope that very soon we´ll hear about you here in Estonia… :)

  • nadia

    please come to asia!!!!dont care which part we will go!!!
    indonesia/malaysia or singapore

  • Tiago Franco

    We need you guys… Please, comeback to Brazil as soon as possible… >.<
    You guys rock o/

  • rossy

    it’s very nice… and have a quiestion… when come to chile again… i like the band… and sharon is very funny… i see the Video and died of laughter… it’s very funny.. and i like to know she.. i love the band… see you soon… bye bye…

  • Vincent

    waar blijft de dvd van elements ??????????

  • Klaudia


  • Katherine Cole

    Are you going to be back in USA anytime soon?

  • George Emu

    Australia is waiting for your unequalled beauty and talent. We love you Sharon and WT.

  • orion

    Hong Kong needs you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  • orion

    thumbs up

  • WTFan

    India needs you people.

  • Liu Gloriole

    Come and Rock up China, please…

  • cindy deslauriers

    please come on to , montréal,or ottawa . I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXO

  • Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz

    I wish the World Tour also means getting in Asia.

  • Nadieshda

    i love the tour vlog , im the girl in the icon with sharon #22 jajajaj , greetings from chile ¡¡

  • Zach Slayton

    Come to south Texas please i’d love to see ya’ll

  • Anna Galiano

    I hope you’ll come to Italy in your next tour!!!

  • Nahum De Gyves

    I really like the music of Within Temptation, but unfortunately all concerts are on the other side of the world, I’m from Mexico and I would like to know if there is a possibility that they can add to their tour of Mexico in 2014, I would love and die to go to his concert. I love Within Temptation.

  • alyssa

    come to nz plz me and my friend want to see u

  • Cam Chung

    Since it’s a world tour, you have to come to Australia!!!

    Just for us Aussies!!! :P

  • Anonymous

    Komt er ook een tourvlog weer van de tour volgend jaar? ^^

  • Anonymous

    Vraag ik me ook af :-(

  • Natali

    Simple, cheerful people. they have the creativity, hard work, ease, and each of them has some sort of feature. Love the sense of humor;) Sharon

  • danielle

    YES. WT needs to come to australia (brisbane preferably), so the aussies can learn what good music is!

  • laura forteza juan

    Love those videos. It seems to be a great atmosphere between the band members and I enjoyed watching them. Sense of humor and friendship…. being member of WT. What else could someone ask for??? :-)

  • Peter T VanNuis

    Please come to Toronto, Ont., Canada!
    Peter VanNuis

  • Kristel Schliesmayer

    Will you be coming to the US?

  • Kosei

    Japan! Tokyo! Please!
    I’ll go with my girlfriend:-)

  • Minas Tzampazis

    Greece…. We are waiting you. :) Let us sing and scream with you…