August 18, 2012
E-Werk, Saarbrücken (D)

E-Werk, Cologne

Guten tag Deutschland!

In between the festivals we’re visiting this summer we’re also coming to Germany for a club show!

We’ve already visited Germany many times during our Unforgiving European Tour, and we’re coming back for another show!

We’re performing at E-werk in Saarbrücken on the 18th of August.

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  • Cyril Roudey

    Hello, there’s something wrong in the link ? i go to the venue of the garage in sarrebrucken, wich on is the good one ? Sarrebruck or Cologne ?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand : “On the 18th of August, we’re coming to Germany to perform at E-Werk in Saarbrücken, again. The venue is located in Cologne, which is Germany’s fourth-largest city.”
    Does it means that now the city of Sarrebruck is relocated in Cologne ?

  • Gerhard Haensel
  • Anonymous

    You’re right, it is located in Saarbrücken!

  • Anonymous

    The one in Saarbrücken!

  • Skynet

    what does “club show” mean?
    Is this some sort of acoustic (unplugged) show or a normal show just in a small club?

  • Anonymous

    This means it’s a complete Within Temptation show, instead of a performance at a festival.

  • Patrick Weber

    hi which band will join you for the gig as opening act thanks

  • Riccardo De Santis

    We are coming! all the way from Italy!

  • Riccardo De Santis

    We’re coming! All the way from Italy. Leaving friday in the night, driving, getting to the venue early, see the show, jump in the car, drive 750 km back. As easy as that!

  • Diana Carolina Afranchi

    I do not miss this for anything in this world, see you all there…!!!!

  • Marc Morocutti

    Is 18h30 Doors Time or Show Time? I can only leave for the show at 17h30 and will have to travel 200km. Thanks for the info!

  • Peter Brotsmann

    Thank You Within Temptation!! Peter from Saarbrücken

  • Frank Stecking

    great show in e-werk / saarbrücken :) thank you !

  • Markus Schmid

    Noch heißer, wie die Luft im E-Werk, war die geile Show. Und die Luft war schon verdammt heiß. Thanks within temptation

  • Médéric Mathis

    That was a beautiful show !! Thanks WITHIN TEMPTATION !! Coming soon I hope <3 !!

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