November 13, 2012
Sportpaleis, Antwerp (BE)


It’s exceeding everything you’ve ever seen, heard or experienced from us before…

And it’s called: Elements.

Since the release of Enter in 1997, things have skyrocketed for us. We were able to share and play our music all over the world and received so much appreciation from you. We got the chance to grow and become Holland’s most successful rock band internationally.

We are celebrating our anniversary with an incredible concert on the 13th of November in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Belgium. The anniversary show, Elements, will be the most significant event in the history of Within Temptation.

We will share the stage with some unexpected guests and  can already tell you that we will also be accompanied by the renowned Il Novecento Orchestra.



Tickets are available through:

Proximus Go For Music or phone: 0900 2 60 60  —  Teleticketservice (for ordering tickets in English)


Tickets will also be available at:

Free Record Shop – stores in Belgium & the Netherlands  —  FNAC – stores in Belgium

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  • Anonymous

    yay, if you zoom-out twice, the place where I live is on the map!
    can’t wait till november 13!!!

  • jojo jaja

    I hope the concert will be filmed and released on DVD.

  • Carl Knight

    Hi could some someone tell me which is the best train station to get to sportpaleis, I’m starting to plan.

  • Kristof Dewit

    super guys i wil be there

  • Anna Konnberg

    Yay just a half year left ^^

  • Muriel Tobal

    I will be there:

  • Trudy van der Leeden

    reken maar dat mijn vriend en ik erbij zijn! we hebben de kaartjes zelfs al binnen!

  • Georgi Manov

    gonna be a hell of party

  • Heidi Van Dyck

    Antwerpen centraal and then a tram i guess 3 or 5 or 6 . and take stop ‘sportpaleis’. When you have your ticket you can drive for free on the tram. Only show your ticket

  • Kjell Jonny Mannes

    I hope its Tarja Turunen who is the guest :) ))

  •ávio-Marques/100003120660892 Flávio Marques

    I think Sharon could play an instrument at this concert.

  • Gabriella Sepsik

    I can`t even check the prices, because there is no english language on the pages… :S

  • Jason Walkiden

    Gabriella Sepsik
    If you use the second link ( then you can book your tickets with English as a selected language, if it doesn’t come in English automatically the select EN from the top right hand corner

  • Tania Garcia

    Alguien va ir desde España?

  • Em Rice

    Is anyone from England going for a relatively cheap price? If so how are you going about doing that? So want to go :(

  • David Stephens

    im going from england, getting a flight from manchester on the day of the concert and staying for 2 days cost me £300 but that is for 2 of us so might be cheaper if your on your own.

  • Anonymous

    And what is the context to chose Tarja my dear Kjell? Tarja belongs more by Nightwish (early) than Within Temptation^^

  • jane doe

    i agree tarja is great but i dont realy see her as a geust for wt realy tarja has a busy life of her own to live to

  • Estefania Salguero

    wow! that luxury! hopefully we could have something similar in South America. Going to be a historic and already look forward to having this DVD

  • Estefania Salguero

    I Dont think so…

  • Estefania Salguero

    100% I agree, you right.

  • hans ham

    Jeeeej, looking forward to this concert. I hope Keith/Mina Caputo will join for What Have I Done. And maybe Martijn will be joining with his former bandmates and brother Robert. If so he could bring Charlotte from Delain. Anneke van Giersbergen of course. And what about Kate Bush? Anyhow this show will be massive.

  • Guilherme Minakawa


  • Anonymous

    Hans i asked Martijn already if he could come to the ‘Elements’ show XD

    Still no reaction.. :-p

  • Roman Liebenau

    Yeah!!! After having missed the amazing show at the Ahoi (I heard about WT a year later, shame on me!) I am now looking foreward to this show, I can’t wait… but the tickets are already here, smiling at me every day :) Will there be a meet and greet event before or after the show? I would love to meet Sharon and shake hands with Robert and all the others from WT…so, it there?

  • Anthony Arnould

    With orchestra ??? So good !!

  • Lauren

    I should be there!! :D

  • Hernan Diaz

    Muy Bueno!!! aguante Within!!!

  • Gerrit Heus

    I should be there GREAT !!!!

  • Valeria Sande

    Oh…. I leave in Mar del Plata, Argentina…. so is impossible for me to go…. I`m waiting for the next time in Argentina, `cause i never see “The band of my heart” yet.

  • kim

    I hope there will be a meet and greet before or after the show… it will be the perfect end of a incredible night

  • Audrey Chouinard

    When to go to come to you to Canada more précisement has montréal!

  • Yorda Birdyfan

    I know how you feel. Although I live in Belgium, I never got to see them either and I’m a fan since twelve years! I’m happy I finally get to see them. At last! Your time will come too :)

  • Lauren

    PLEASE record this for a DVD!! I plan to be there though! Flying in for the USA for it! :D

  • Daniel Kent

    Would love an australian visit!

  • Ben

    Will you guys be touring the U.S. sometime soon?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah can you guys please tour the U.S. after Elements. I still have not been to one of your shows.

  • Nina Pratt

    Rumours are that you guys are coming to Soundwave 2013 in Australia. I hope those rumours are true!

  • Vhir

    Oh damn, I saw you guys last time you were here in Barcelona >.<! Belgium is a bit far but… I'll try :D

  • Anonymous

    hi!…my english it’s horrible…i’m speak spanish…i like very much!!! my country is uruguay. El mejor grupo que he conocido por lejos!! y desearía algún día podre verlos en vivo.

  • Ben Miller

    WT is an amazing breath of air from the crap being cranked off of the assembly line of bands in America. Please come to America soon, preferably Ohio so I can actually go to a concert, money’s a little tight right now.

  • Anonymous

    hello, spanish

  • Anonymous

    somebody go to the concert from spain

  • Anonymous

    You better be there Muriel :-D

  • Anonymous

    yo no los conocia y los vi en Madrid con metallica y me kede de piedra,k pasada

  • Anonymous

    yo voy solo desde Alicante

  • Anonymous

    I dont speak english

  • Sita … ★

    i saw WT in lebanon they were AMAZING *0* i wish i could be in elements too but i cant :( for who is going there, enjoy ! im sure it will be great:’D VIVA WT <3

  • Peters Lustig

    How long will the concert take? 2 hours?

  • Vanessa Wendy St-Pierre

    Come back to montreal :D !!!!!!

  • Brian Willingham

    i just found out about this band and it sux i have missed it all these years

  • Hans Ottosson

    awesome! long trip ;-)

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Hello just Elements left, Great band Within Temptation Beautiful great singer Sharon when are you going to bring the band To Australia heard you would love to come here lots times but no tour Announced yet for downunder please tour Australia 2013 as there is definately plenty fans here most will service when a Australian tour is announced.

  • Veronique

    I live 100 km from Antwerp! So I will be there, in the frontline :D hahaha

  • Kenny007

    I want to be there!

  • Sanna Ellesjö

    Finally bought my tickets! I have no doubts it will be worth the trip from Sweden :)

  • Matthew Spriggs

    Hello please come Australia we love the band here, one few maybe only Countries havent toured yet must come here being One biggest bands best bands in Europe thanks Within Temptation love to see you soon.

  • Daniel Brito

    We Need a WHOLE tour for U.S. PLEASE! its not fair they go everywhere but U.S.

  • Kendra Deckers

    I will be there.

  • shane

    Booked my flights, tickets and hotel today. Can’t wait for the gig.

  • Matheus Fernandes

    I was at the last WT concert in São Paulo (Brazil) and it was amazing! Wish I could be at Elements!

  • janbrug

    Hello dear WT-members. Of course, I will come to the concert, but please… Record this amazing gig for DVD and/or Blu Ray. That’s always a precious souvenir and collectors item. ;-)

  • steve manning

    i agree we love you over here in the u.s. too

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    theve been to the us 2se i dont know where youve been under a stone?

  • john b

    Los Angeles will have a new venue for YOU next year — The Forum. Since opening in 1967, the Forum has become a celebrated arena in greater Los Angeles area. The historic venue was home to the Los Angeles
    Lakers and Kings until 1999, and has played host to several of the
    greatest musical performers of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s,
    including The Rolling Stones, The Jackson 5, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Van
    Halen, The Foo Fighters, Coldplay and many others. Add WITHIN TEMPTATION to this list.

  • Svetlana (Moscow)

    come please to Moscow!!! in 2013 year!!!please please please please please please please please please!!!!I LOVE YOU!!

  • Brandon A English

    This concert streaming online would be AWESOME

  • avenger

    Poland, Poland, Poland! :D

  • Curt Janos Szentgyorgyikiss

    t I am in the US. When can you bring the concert here. would love to be able to see you in concert. Just go hooked on you music one week ago. Did not know about you til then. great music.

  • StoneFox

    Unfortunately I’ve seen WT live once, and that was more than enough. I wonder if she’s short of money (but I doubt that, seeing all the money you guys are willing to give them). Do you know that a good vocal coach can cost as little as 20/35 euros per hour? I wonder why she’s never been to one. I’m a singer, and I’ve been going to singing lesson at least once a week for years now… just to sing in clubs… and she doesn’t have enough respect for you guys to actually LEARN how to do what you pay her for?? I think it’s disrespectful and offensive. Ask any REAL singer, any vocal coach, any real musician or maestro a technical comment about her singing and they will all say the same: unable to use her diaphragm, unable to use voice from the chest, too much air, just falsetto, always sharp or flat, when not totally off-key, when she hits the right note she can’t keep it due to lack of diaphragm control…. the outcome? ear-hurting and terrible to listen to! I had my maestro listen to her and after 30 seconds he said: Please stop that, I can’t bear it. You don’t need to be so ear-trained to hear that. Listen to some live recordings of Dark Wings, Caged, Jane Doe, Ice Queen… but not as a fan, not as a man enchanted by her beauty… if she were an overweight woman from the suburbs wearing jeans no-one would listen to her. I am open to discussion and willing to accept any TECHNICAL comment on her singing, and by technical I mean really technical, on her voicing technique (if any is to be considered)

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    if you dont like her than buzz off we love her let us she isnt dis respectfull it is her way and where do you supose she would find the time to she has 3 kids a partner and a bussy band life also writing of songs so where could she find he time huh if you dont like the music than dont go here leave and stay away

  • StoneFox

    Well, the least a singer can do is learn how to sing! Where she finds the time is not her fans’ problem, she owes it to them. You love her, but you didn’t bother to leave any technical comment. Or maybe you can’t because you don’t know much about singing? I was looking for some constructive discussion, but a fans forum is not the right place is it? You might be right, my singing academy is most certainly a better place for this type of discussion. You keep paying to see someone who doesn’t respect you enough to learn and improve, while true musicians and singers work their butts off and can’t even make ends meet. The music business goes like this also because there’s people like her, and you to support her!!

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Where the fuck shall I begin with you, asshole…
    1) Sharon den Adel
    never had vocal training/lessons in her life, she never went to school
    for it, it’s all natural and self-taught. Plus, it’s her own, unique
    style of singing and we love it. Ever heard of Shakira, Lana Del Rey,
    etc!? Yeah, do a bit more research, bitch.
    2) Sharon definitely
    doesn’t have to prove shit to you about how good she is, whether it’s in
    studio or live, or done acoustically or with an orchestra/choir because
    she’s more than proven herself as a musician, performer, human being,
    and a mother/”wife”. You’re just a fuckin envious prick.
    3) And I am a
    WT fan/supporter, so ironically, I find it even more disrespectful and
    hypocritical of you to have come to WT’s official site, and to have ONLY
    left 3 comments thus far, JUST to talk shit about Sharon!? Yeah, FUCK
    YOU, you pretentious, pompous shit.
    4) And this is obviously what
    fuckin people paid for. Are you a fuckin retard!? You’re obviously a
    fuckin dumbass if you pay for something you don’t even like or want. We
    the fans KNOW what to expect from Sharon/WT and they never disappoint.
    Actually, they exceed expectations! So yeah. go fuck yourself.
    5) And
    no, go to ANY fuckin singing academy and, yes, you’ll see that most
    pupils there aren’t getting their money’s worth because they still suck
    and can’t sing for shit. And don’t even get me started with the majority
    of the so-called “artists” in the mainstream music industry. Where most
    of these fake bitches try to use their fuckin sex-appeal and body,
    computers, syncs, money, possessions, and other techniques to make up
    for their lack of talent and performance (and their horrible voices),
    Sharon doesn’t and she does it all naturally, beautifully, and with true
    talent and skills. So shut the fuck up with your naiveness and
    6) Sharon’s voice is so versatile and can turn anything to
    fuckin gold! Her voice alone can move mountains, separate rivers, end
    world wars, bring the most vile and evil being/creature to its knees,
    and make statues and portraits cry, and the list goes on. I think this
    shit fuck gets it.
    7) This group, as a whole, has overcome a lot of
    barriers and expectations in the music industry, with fans all over the
    world, in concerts, events, and have definitely used and managed their
    success smartly and effectively. When most artists and groups right now
    are fuckin sinking due to internal problems, or not enough record sales,
    or getting in trouble publicly, or breaking up, or not selling enough
    tickets, or buying luxurious and expensive shit for show-off but then go
    fuckin bankrupt, or try to sell themselves for ads/commercials/sponsors
    to save their disastrous and pathetic careers, or just plain fuckin
    suck and are complete assholes/bitches to their fans, Within Temptation
    has been very fuckin busy soaring above the rest of the fuckin
    competition and dusting every-fuckin-one. WT doesn’t have drama with
    anyone or anything or any of that other bullshit. No one. I’ll repeat
    that: NO ONE can fuckin touch Within Temptation right now…or ever for
    that matter.
    8) All that being said, you got fuckin PAWNED/OWNED/DENIED
    ignorant, miserable little papillon, lol, now get the fuck out of here.
    You have to earn respect, bitch, before you give it, Ha!

  • Guest

    If you take the swear words out of your post, there’s not much left. Which only makes me think that you have no better argument. If I offended you I am sorry and I apologize (you should apologize yourself, but I know I cannot expect it from a person who writes such things). Enjoy the concert. And for the future… criticizing something you like (with full knowledge of the facts) doesn’t mean being disrespectful, it does replying the way you did. All the best

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    if youre so greate who are than huh why does every dj i have heared her with loved her voice why even a guy i dispice paul de leeuw was inpressed by her she is her self she has an amazing voice even my guitar teacher / vocal trainer sais he cant find any thing wrong with her sogo and *** youreself

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    my centiments exsactly wiouth the swere words

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ill recap for you she and fill in my own gabs she is a natural talelnt that did sorry roberto i do know this she did have breathing leasons to help her if you wascht only iq and dark wings of m,e period yes she had a lot to learn back than and she learned it we love her for who she is and respect her and she respects us she even apolegised for somthing she postet on face book a qote that was seen as ofencive by some pplthey took it of and apolegised so she is not dis respectfull we know what to expect from her and yes maybe she is ofkey but she sings for real not like most main streamers you said we pay to much for her the most expencive ticket i ever bought for them is 50 euros that is for this consert and i have been to 89 more take a micheal jackson for instance not ot be dis respectfull ofhim please understand that ppl but he could not sing ore stand much at the end of his life even m favrate dj gerard said so whom is a devoted fan of the man and he asket over the 100 dollar on tickets that were refunded cause he dies and take britney spears she cant sing squad she lipsings every one knows that and she asks over 100 dollar on tickets wt asks 50 euro,s tops for a consert with a orqiestra geasts and the sports palace ferther more i agree with mister roberto when he said that you can only earn repsect by showing it an dif you only come here to down talk sharon the women we love as singer more than any one els ore we wouldnt be here than what are you dooing here? if pissing us off is youre soal reason youre sad and pathetic let us love her and respect that you dont like her well good for you thats youre rigth but do not try to dis credit her ore call her dis respect full to us she is not she has more respect in herbody than you showed us and her with these coments and to behonest you pissed me off i will alwais try and defend her from ppl like you i will never stop and what roberto said she proved herself to us to be a singer/songwriter/mother/wife and be able to juggle all 4 things and not let us down i think that on its own shows the respect and loyalty she also shows us all of them do sharon does and the boys do cause i cant inmagen it to be easy to be away from youre family for a duration of several weeks just so we can have a good nigth and that they and there familys can eat so first google the word respect before you question her respect and honnor

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Wow, then you must really be fuckin stupid, man. Other people got what I said, and you didn’t!? A blind person would’ve gotten it, too. See, I could do without the cursing and all, and STILL get my point across; it’s just that when I deal with low-lives like yourself, I’ll actually stoop down to your level. See, unlike your posts, mine actually hold more weight than two-dimensional objects. Your posts are all full of hatred, bias, envy, and just complete, total BS.
    Oh, and get this straight as well: You didn’t offend me, LOL, you wish you would’ve. You insulted and disrespected Sharon and the band, and to some extent, the fans as well. So what you gave was constructive/legitimate “criticism”!? Your BS is easy to smell, man. So F your apology; don’t need no apology from you, and I definitely am not apologizing to you!
    I will apologize to Sharon, the band, and the rest of the people in here, for the cursing and this coward here. But you, I definitely don’t regret and won’t take back what I said/wrote to you, though.
    The very least you can do now is grow some ‘effin balls, quit hiding behind the “Guest” tag (coward), and APOLOGIZE (not to me! but) Sharon, the band, and the rest of the people in here. But see, I know you’re going to read this, but I definitely don’t expect you to do it. Please, prove me wrong.

  • StoneFox

    I did not hide, I just tried to delete my comment, out of respect for you guys, seeing you were not willing to discuss. If there’s any way I can remove my comment from this website please inform me and I’ll be glad to. Just to let you know, I’m not envious or jealous, and I don’t lead a low life. Don’t get personal, cause I didn’t. I tried to keep the discussion on a professional and technical level. Bye

  • StoneFox

    Someone removed my reply to you. As I wrote earlier, I did not hide, but just tried to delete my comment from this forum, seeing you are not willing to discuss, but just to insult. If there is any way I can remove the posts which are now visible as “Guest” please inform me, and it will be my care to do it. Or if any administrator can do that, I would be grateful if they did. Just for your information, I am not jealous and I don’t lead a low life. Don’t get personal, cause I didn’t. I tried to keep the discussion on a professional and technical level. Bye

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    you do hide you know roberto,s name you know my ame but we do not know yourse what is sad and you must understand one thing if you insult our sharon what you are dooing you touch us and you have to deal with us us as in her fans cause we will always defend her cause we fell inlove with that voise and you say youre not a guy that looks at her beuty but why mention it than im a girl obviosly cause im not the cat in my pic cause he cant tipe but my cat has more depth than you but thats besides the point my point is im a girl i dont look at a an other girls beuty and let that be the eccense of what i love about her i love her for her voise i stayed a fan ( sindsi was 9 btw) cause she is sweet and carring and a great musician so yes i agree with roberto apolegise not to me not to him not to us but to sharon , robert , jeroen, martijn , mike, ruud and stefan and roberto apolegy ecseptet honey i was thought never to swere but i wanted to as well when i read his coment first cause he is so dis respectfull to her

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    Who cares of the technique?? Sharon ALWAYS sings with all her heart and that’s the only thing to matter. I for one can’t stand to listen to “a perfect technique”, which is for me just an artificial voice without any sincerity…By its nature music is non-discursive, it always work directly on the emotions… And Sharon really manages to touch upon our feelings which is much more important than to have perfect academic voice/technique whatever… And if you want a discussion on a professional level, you chose the wrong place… Here are only those people for who Sharon’s manner is their cup of tea and they are able to feel her sincerity.. And her respect to the fans is great…what you need is just to talk for 5 minutes to her to grasp it… If you can’t feel it, if you demand for only a technique, stay at your academy and discuss/write your test-papers upon the theory (which is useless i’m sure, ’cause every rule must have its exceptions) there.

    ps Sharon, remain the same as you are!!

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    dont bother sweet heart he will never understand he is jealos of her i didnt figure out where yet and im not going to waste of my time but he is probebly of her talent ore he just wants her and realises he cant have her so he has o be mean about her to feel better about himself and he is probebly thinking who are we to stand between him and his way of feeling better about himself

    to all of us the others oh wayt thats delain SORRY!!! :P just contineu beeing exited about the 13th of novmber and prepare for it in the end of the day it comes down to this what i agree with you sweety what we feel with this music and what they show us there skills and emotions in to the music that we and they themselvs love, i will see theones that go there and we will have alot of fun i knwo we will

  • Villy

    They’ve come but from what I’ve seen they’ve never done a particularly extensive tour. I may have simply missed it, but last I saw they were coming nowhere near me when they were going through the US.

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Of course you tried to delete your comments, lol, someone with no shame.
    You already made a fool of yourself, so screw that. LEAVE your posts,
    they’re part of your “Wall of Shame” and recorded evidence of your
    ignorance and bitterness. You’ve been making it very personal with Sharon, which also brings in the rest of the members, so don’t pretend to victimize yourself now and act as if you were civil to begin with. See, just cause you don’t swear/curse/use profanity doesn’t mean you still can’t insult, offend, disrespect, other people (which is what you did). And what both Ann Shlipatskaya and Jane van
    Veenendaal replied to you is spot on, and well said, so I definitely
    don’t need to touch upon that anymore. You never brought anything
    constructive to the table to begin with and you still haven’t. You never brought any “discussion” to any “professional” or “technical” level. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ll get something more constructive out of talking to a wall than what I’ve gotten from you so far. And look, I’ve picked apart your posts, pretty much sentence by sentence (as have others), and you haven’t even replied to anything we’ve said to you. I apologized to those I had too. You!? You haven’t even apologized to Sharon/WT yet. Man, I can go off on you so bad, but you’re too easy. Don’t even say “Bye”, here: I’ll point you to the way out of here so you can walk the Walk of Shame, head and sight on ground. tail between your legs.

    p.s. Open for Discussion, 24/7.
    Don’t ever fuck in the space I meditate in, nor disrespect my home.

  • Mark_Burt

    Allow me to reply with the least hostility possible because I believe that is what you wanted. I mean music, singing it’s all art in my opinion. There is no correct and I believe there should be no established way to do art. But people have different tastes and that is fine. The only thing that bothers me is saying that Sharon is being disrespectful. I mean that is as ridiculous as saying an impressionistic painter is being disrespectful for their paintings being too blurry or an abstract sculptor being disrespectful for their sculptures being unrealistic. We do not have to be fans of Sharon’s singing but we are because well… we are. And it really is as simple as that.

  • Mark_Burt

    “Don’t ever fuck in the space I meditate in” Haha that was an awesome comment. I thought it was really funny because I just pictured some monk going to try to meditate and as soon as he clears his mind he realizes it and he’s like “WHO HAD SEX IN MY MEDITATION SPACE?!?!?!”. Sorry don’t know why I pictured that and that was probably not what you meant exactly but I thought it was funny.

  • Mark_Burt

    I agree. I like Sharon just the way she is. If she reads any of this I hope she ignores the negative comments and keeps being herself and singing how she wants.

  • Mark_Burt

    Yeah but I am a relatively new fan and they have only played 4 shows in the US since I found out about WT and they were all on the eastern side while I live on the West Coast. Like I said I was a new fan and had no idea really, that the shows that would take me at least 24 (that’s a guess) hours to drive to would have been my only realistic chance to see them because I can’t afford to fly. So an entire US tour would be awesome.

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    youre a bit wierd mark but thats ok we all are i geus just a bit lol

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    presisely the coment on dis respectfull pissed me off the most the singing coment meh love her ore dont thats my messege but do never call her dis respectfull that is meant to be hurtfull to her and what he doesnt seem to understand is that if you try to hurt her you hurt us and thats a bad idea to start of with i remember a radio dj once say ( i got a otografic memory so i can recal almost anything) he said that we are the most loyal fans he had ever seen and most respectfull cause the singer sharon shows the same respect to us and others and some how that rubbed off on us and that he feared making us angry cause of the respect love and devotion we have it migth end in a war it made me lagh so hard causei thought it couldnt be done but out fox here whom still hides behind a screan name is pretty much on his way to a war online witch if im the reason it started cause i reactet the first i apolgise to you guys and than i mean the band sorry wt if i started this but i wont stand for dis respect to you guys i love and respect you to much i also apolegise to my fellow fan that migth feel uncomfortale reading thse things i am sorry but had to defend sharon there was no queston in my mind about it and i acted upon it

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    Sharon is a reasonable person. I’m sure she won’t take to heart all the stuff and nonsense written by a casual human when there are loving friends and family (whose opinion must be much more precious), to say nothing of a whole lot of really devoted fans)))

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i knew i liked ya from teh start ann lol
    yes she is she is as beuifull in side as she is on the out side ad her voice maches both

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    Perfectly said!!!

    By the way it was Sharon’s voice i heard and fell in love with first, not her appearance/beauty… I was so touched by her emotions, so in a couple of weeks since i started listening to them i was really eager to see the face of a woman who sings like an angel and dwell into her biography (’cause i was sure such sincerity and sensuality must have been connected with certain moments in life)… Then dwelling deeper into the band’s life i was amazed by their attentiveness and amiability towards the fans, and this autumn i was able to be convinced of it by myself… i talked to the guys and Sharon and noone could show more respect towards their fans but they.. and that’s one of the main reasons why i am ready to protect them from rudeness… you can criticize if you don’t like their work, but the criticizm must never become personal and hurt someone else’s feelings… you should see the borders and never cross the line of simple politeness

  • Roberto Velasquez

    That’s funny cause I’ll admit I got the quote, “Don’t ever fuck in the space I meditate in”, from one of my favorite rappers of all time, Immortal Technique (and he’s not mainstream or sell-outs like Lil’ Wayne, but he’s underground, independent, controversial, political, and honest, all with hard-edge aggression). So yeah, I like to put certain phrases, references, analogies, metaphors in my posts, lol. But I use a satirical and dark sense of humor and am very sarcastic, though, with fuckin pricks/haters/asshole/bitches, especially the one’s who love to talk out of their asses. And by the quote, I basically mean don’t dare come and disrespect Sharon/WT in their own home. And don’t worry, you’re all good. I needed a little bit of comedic relief, right now. :)

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Short, sweet, to the point, and very well said, Mark! :)

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    can we end it here now?

    i for one am fed up with this figth not cause of you roberto dont think that please but ust in a whole let us just agree to dis agree and not question any ones honor ore respect any more cause we dont know one and other and fox you dont know sharon so you cant say anything about it ither we dis agree if she is ore isnt a good vocalist fine i am not presuring any one to love her the way we do you are free to think it maybe you should not have come here fox i think that would have been best where twoo argeu twoo are at falt we all sayd things that werend nice and lets leave it there let this site go back to its friendly and welcoming feel can we all live with this?

  • Roberto Velasquez

    I know for a fact that no two people can have/nor feel the same experience the same way, but boy if it isn’t true that most of us can relate and say we’ve come close to, to what you’ve said/felt. I agree with you on practically everything you’ve said and mentioned. Keep it up.

  • Roberto Velasquez

    And Bless your soul, Jane! I’m American, but even I am so fuckin proud of the Netherlands and the Dutch, in general! And it’s all thanks to Within Temptation. The Dutch are always such love, caring, friendly, and humble people (for the most part because unfortunately, there are still assholes/pricks everywhere in this world). With the exception of my country, I’m always rooting and cheering for the Netherlands whether it’s in sports, events, etc. I came to appreciate and truly love the Netherlands, it’s people, culture, and Within Temptation. I envy you guys, but in a good way, lol. You guys have been blessed. No wonder you guys have a lot of Dutch pride; I would too. :) Personally and in my sincere, honest opinion, I don’t feel like Sharon/WT are lucky to have me as a fan, as I am more lucky, grateful, honored, and blessed to have found them out during this period in life.
    Sharon/Within Temptation owe me nothing, but I, my life, the world, and everything to them! <3 ;)

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    beutifully said i became fan when i was 9 my father was one of the ppl that wanted the world like he inmagened it so his daugthers should were pastels even thugh huis youngest (yourse treuly) loved black and red also he found his children should listen to “normal” music like thespice girls so i was forsed to but when i met sharon in 1997 ( i already knew who she was) in my home town making picks for the dance i saw that there were ppl like me and that it was ok to be diserent to quote delain that it was ok to be one of the others so in a way they saved my life to atleast showed me i could be who i waned to be despit emy father wanting to see it other wise i was ten at the time and didnt understand it than but when i turned 14 i did and i realised i was blessed by my godesse that i discovered them and even more blessed to have met her my first consert was there first consert my uncle gave it to me as a present for my birth day i loved every minute of it and now same as them i am selebrating a 15 year aneversery not only of my favorate band but also selebrating 15 years of beeing who i want to be and be prowd of that and im selebrating my 90th consert in 15 years i am ready to selebrate how about you?

  • Roberto Velasquez

    Well, definitely congratulations to you and anybody who’s going to see them live in Try-Outs and Elements show. Me, I live in America, can’t afford a plane ticket/hotel, but am definitely not disillusioned; I’ll just be patient and buy their DVD when it comes out and just keep supporting them throughout their career. But for those of you going, GOD, I truly wish you guys the greatest, the best of time, and the most memorable experience. I’m very happy and excited for all of you, even though I can’t go myself, lol. :P
    But regardless, to answer your question, I will be celebrating nonetheless. m/

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    just prepose a toast round 8 m time what will be lets count 2 in the afternoon youre time a dill fdo the same and if you want addme to youre facebook if you have it so we can talk when we feel liek it

  • Anonymous

    er staat op internet dat de treinen in Belgie niet rijden op 13 (na 22.00 uur) en 14 November. Klopt dit?? Dit is wel handig om te weten i.v.m de terugreis!

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    ill translate not to be dis respectfull to you honey but to warn every one it is podible that the trains wont i repeat the trains WONT DRIVE past 10 in the nigth on 13 and 14th november ceep that in mind please

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    please note for the dutch i dont think ns highspeed will be part of this maybe strike cause it is sutch for the other countrys that fly from holland look up ns high speed from and werp to rotterdam the LAST train goes at presiseley 10 o clock at nigth afterthat the first one will be 7 in the morning the 14th to rotterdam holland please if you need it look it up on please look it up

  • Anonymous

    I called NS Hispeed. They can not guarantee that the international trains those days riding. Depends how the strikes are organized.

  • angelique

    Can’t wait :)

  • Eric Bral

    beautiful show thank you!!!!

  • Pandaa Yves


  • Colby Johnson

    Jane, yes, they’ve been to the U.S., but just going to three cities on the east coast of the U.S. is barely a tour. Think about it. Just because they show on the east coast of America does not mean all the U.S. fans can go. We U.S. WT fans are scattered and can’t make it to these shows. Believe it or not, even though they come over to the U.S. does not mean we can make it. The distance is still too far in expense. I wanted to go to one of their shows last time they did a “U.S. tour” but I couldn’t go, because IT WAS STILL TOO FAR AWAY! So please, don’t ask where we U.S. fans have been when we can’t even make it to those shows. We want a tour, not a three city, east coast visit.

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    i know that but they have familys you know that they want to see to if they go every where we want them to go they would never see there familys

  • Martin Hartl

    Tssss… What do you expect, a techniqual discussion?? You can discuss that with your beloved maestro if you need to but nobody else here cares!!! You – as the “professional singer” as you said you are – say that Sharon is a poor singer but millions of fans admire her for her beautiful voice and life performances, so all of them are wrong, right?! Nobody cares of your technical issues, as despite your missing technical profession Sharon touches so many people with her voice so how dare you to offend her!! Thats nothing but jealousy, so don’t bother us with your ridiculous offendings and get your ass out of here!

  • wtlover2011

    there is one word in the world for you! And it is “BEST”.

  • Hunter Roberts

    when your talking about distances that far its actually about 1/3 the price to fly than drive. it would cost me 600 bucks to drive from wyoming to maryland, and only 350 to fly

  • Hunter Roberts

    COME TO AMERICA!!!! more specifically denver, colorado or rapid city, south dakota

  • Hunter Roberts

    symphonic metal may not be mainstream in the U.S. but there’s still enough WT fans to make it worth it

  • robocop85

    Hi! Do you know, when did you come back to Hungary????

  • Leah Martin DragonsGirl

    Doesn’t “World Tour” mean the U.S.A as well? I always hear about you doing “World Tours” but never in America, what’s up with that?

  • Randall Ali

    some rap dude ripped off your song “angels”

  • Kelly

    I don’t know anything about vocal techniques, and I am not a man so I am in no way attracted to Sharon, but I love their music. When I heard it the first time I finally found a band that I loved, and that made music that suits me exactly. I’ve seen Within Temptation live wants and it only left me yearning for more. And the songs you named in your first post are a few of my favourites. It is about the music, not about vocal techniques. For the record, there is only one of you and thousands of us fans.

  • Eric Dirks

    would love to see WT in the us. but thankful we have your music here. thank you.a voice from the angels.

  • Eric Dirks

    i thot i could let it pass but i cant .to the know it all guest writer. ive never heard Sharon sing off key it seems to me its her music she chooses how it is sung, i love her music her energy her voice, particularly her voice and her poise on stage. if ya dont,take a walk.most wouldnt come to a bands site and make neg. coments unless they just get their rocks off buy being themselves.ya got me to respond. my fault .but ya do show your true colors maybe your worth my effort in responding i dont know, either way have a good one. with all the lessons in the world id never be able to sing like Sharon does .i thank God i found her music. it proves there is a God. thank you Sharon and the band,together you equal the best.

  • Jasper Kira

    i’m waiting to hear that within temptation going to make a new album :D

  • Jane van Veenendaal

    where have you been the last well ahlf a year they are already working on it its gonna be released in september

  • Wayne King

    I’ve been following WT for about 5 years. I’ll fly over to see WT in Europe this winter if you fly over here to play for me in Milwaukee next summer. Please!!

  • Timothy Jordan O’Connor

    I am a brand new fan, I was horribly disappointed to see no tour dates in America. Hopefully you guys will see this and plan at least one tour in Tulsa Oklahoma! Even if you don’t, forever will I be an overseas admirer of Within Temptation!!!!!!! You guys ROCK like no other band I’ve heard!!!! Thanks for being AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Inna Zaporozhko

    I used to listen them few yeas not watching video or pictures – just got music from a friends. All concerts where I’ve been I was surprised how good is perfomance. I didn’t expect that she is going to sing as clear as in record – but with all that activity she really could hold her voice in control.

    Music is emotion in sound, that feelings is a food for souls – it’s the main secret and technic.Songs you are singing can be writen by people with really rich and deep emotions (at least if it’s not pop), if you can’t even imagine it – how can you now the correct way to perfom this?

    World has a lot of proffecionals – but only people like Sharon with WT create and sing music like this. Proffesionals who stay behing are really not good enaugh. They do not have personality – only desire to sing something for money. You can count a lot of professional singers, but only few perform something like symphometal. And none of those who criticise really could do this music.

    What do you sing as a professional singer? Do you have your songs? Do you play with band? What kind of art you do? What is the reason you learned to sing?

    If you are just perfomer, not an artist you will always wonder why Sharon or someone else is more popular, when your singing as you think is much better than her…

    People are the only real judge for singer, not maestros.

  • Cam Chung

    I wanna ask when you’ll come to Australia, because I’ve been waiting for 3 years! :( Oh well, it’s your choice! But o matter what happens to you and even if you don’t come, I’ll still love you! You’re the number one rock band!

  • Lee Rice

    Australia too – What about us

  • Steve Hastings

    I am a huge fan of yours. A lot of people compare your group to Evanescence with lead vocalist Amy Lee. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you Sharon are such a better vocalist then she is. I have 2 of your albums and want to get the others. I use your music to help me pump up at the gym. I hope you can come back to the United States and put on a show in Texas. I think Within Temptation is amazing. Thank you for listening.

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