Confirmed: Forum de Beyrouth

forum de beyrouth

We’re coming to Lebanon this summer!

On the 10th of July we’ll be giving a club show in Beirut at Forum de Beyrouth, located in the capital of Lebanon.

In between all the festivals we’re visiting this summer, we’re also doing a club show in Germany and Lebanon. For more information on this show and festivals, check the Tourpages!

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April 20, 2012
  • Ron Turunen


  • Nix Gaunt

    We’re waiting most impatiently!

  • Naor Shalom

    It’s so ridiculously close to Israel… Can’t you maybe jump over here for another clubshow?…=/

  • Hanna Semaan

    Your Lebanese Fans Are Excited As Hell :D

  • Anonymous

    Why not Israel too? :’(

  • Wissam Moussa

    I can’t believe it! Thank you!!!!! Can we please go backstage? Or at least take photos with you?
    What’s a “club show” by the way?

  • Elias Bourgess

    that’s great can’t wait :D

  • Jeanine H.

    I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! :D

  • Terry Fin

    See you have to come to Toronto…

  • beetime

    why you dont come also to israel?

  • Anonymous

    Wish You Come To Syria Tooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Joe Alam

    u can come to lebanon naor :p u r most welcome :p

  • Louai Hebrewhim

    how can i get a ticket then…please please please I really have to book a flight in advance to watch you guys ;) if someone knows how email me at please :)

  • Louai Hebrewhim

    and please let me know how much it cost hehhe

  • Wissam Moussa
  • Merav Rabi

    Come to Israel please!

  • Joe

    I think you should make a point of not performing in Israel. Let them attempt to bypass their own security to the nation they invaded

  • Anonymous

    Omg!!! I can’t wait!! I’ve been waiting to see you guys for the past 5 years!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way I can get a backstage pass to meet you guys?? Or take a picture??
    I can’t wait to see you perform!! I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until then!

  • Anonymous

    For ticket information go to

  • Anonymous
  • Thiagochristoper Christoper

    que bom

  • Anonymous

    We always post ticket links on the tourpages.

  • Joy Sfeir

    FINALLY!!! That is just AMAZING!!! can’t wait to see you here!!

  • Paola Kay

    I can’t believe it, I am Lebanese and I saw you in Boston as I’ve been living here for 10 years now…. my friends wanted to see you too and now they’ll get the chance!! this is great but please come back to Boston!!!

  • Chadi Wehbe

    Bought the ticket as it was being released, can’t wait for the show :)

  • amir moein

    i need adress and date in byrut in my email

  • Sita

    bought the ticket ! i still cant believe, my fav band in my country finally :D cant wait *0* dont come to israel btw, israel killed many people in lebanon and other countries and destroyed the cities while people are in their houses .. , going there and performing there = agreeing on all the crimes against humanity which they did and violate all human rights and all the laws of the UN… so thanks for not going there love you guys <3

  • Hratch Derhagopian

    I’m coming from Dubai to see you! come and do it in Dubai also.. there are a lot of fans here wish to see you guys!

  • Norair Boutchakjian

    Can’t wait to see you in Beitut !!! I’m counting the days left till July 10!!! Can we know the setlist of which songs you’te gonna perform? please if you can reply here or contact me at . Thank you guys Rock!!!!

  • Darine Khoury Hanna

    Thank you Within Temptation for the great show last night in Beirut, YOU ROCKED MY WORLD! Love you all, hope to see you soon m/

  • ★SITA★

    you guys were really amazing ! it was the best day of my life ! Sharon you’re the true artist, all singers must learn from you ! <3 LEBANON LOVES YOU GUYS <3

  • Sita

    NO dont come to israel they kill people if you go there it’s like agreeing on all the killing ! again, thank you for the amazing concert in lebanon you guys rule *__* <3