Rescheduling show in Kiev

Rescheduling show Kiev

Due to the current developments and instability in the Ukraine, Within Temptation unfortunately has had to make the difficult decision of postponing their Kiev show. The concert scheduled for Thursday, March 6th at Stereoplaza in Kiev has been rescheduled. The new date is October 30th 2014.

Sharon: “It’s very unfortunate and we deeply regret that we have to do this, but the safety of our fans and crew is our highest priority, at all times. At this time, we have been advised, it is not possible to guarantee a safe concert experience. We have good faith that stability will be restored and that everything will be resolved peacefully in the Ukraine, and that is why we have chosen to reschedule our show for October. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Our thoughts are with the people in the Ukraine during these uncertain times. We’ll see you in October, be safe!”

Tickets already bought will be valid for the new show on October 30th 2014. Ticket holders who are unable to attend the new date can return their ticket (purchased for 6th March show) at the box office from which they purchased their tickets. Tickets can be returned after the new show date within 3-7 november 2014.

Please check any additional information and news at official resources:

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March 4, 2014
  • Альона Дрючило

    I want to say thank you that you decided postpone the concert in Kyiv.
    It restless but very important time for our country.
    “The whole world is watching when you rise.
    The whole world is beating for you right now…”

  • Mr. Galvaros

    Sharon, welcome to Kiev in October. Ukrainian people wish holiday. We love you.

  • Tatiana Kushnir

    dear WT,
    I’m really disappointed in you after that decision of
    yours. There ‘s no war on the streets, we go to work, schools and walk
    with our kids. But you got scared by believing in lies spread by the
    media. Legendary musicians like The Beatles were not afraid of the cold war
    and nothing could prevent them from their live performances. I’m just
    disappointed in you and don’t feel like attending your show in 8 months.

  • Yuriy Vakulik

    Welcome to the new age, to the new age :)

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    Are you kidding? Everything’s ok? The state is on the edge of the civil war! Any time the volcano may burst! The only lie that OUR media spreads is that “everyting’s alright and calm”…
    And personally I support WT for their decision and twice as much respect them for thinking not only for their own safety, but about the safety of their fans…

  • Anonymous

    Safety before pleasure, also it isn’t completely right what the media maybe say..

  • Serge

    Russia is starting a new war in Europe. It would be great to hear some supporting words from WT to ukrainians.

  • Yuki Sudzuhana

    Aww, stop. You didn’t know anything about this situation. If tou want to talk about this, not here, ok? Thank you

  • Ann Shlipatskaya

    Stop politizing this site! it’s not a place neither for anti-Russian propaganda nor for anti-fascist one!

  • Steven Owens

    i just hope that each of you get through this troubling time and are able to push ahead. Be safe and never ever give up on what you believe