North America Tour Dates 2014

WITHIN TEMPTATION proudly announce the upcoming 12 dates on the North American leg of their Hydra World Tour, which launched in Finland in February. Opening all shows will be Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metallers Amaranthe.

Sharon den Adel: “It’s a great feeling that after so many years we are back with a coast to coast tour. The reception of our latest album Hydra has been overwhelming and we cannot wait to unleash the dragon overseas. Be assured that this time we’ll bring our biggest and best North-American live show so far.“

Sharon continues by saying the band has a special surprise for their most loyal fans: “To reward our most loyal fans we’re designing a specially made poster for the ones who buy their ticket before April 30st 2014. The poster will be signed by the band, is strictly limited and will not be offered for sale. So make sure you get your tickets before April 30st!”. Fans can pick up the poster at the merchandise stand at each show by showing the receipt of their ticket purchase, which will state the date of purchase.

Most pre-sale tickets for the WITHIN TEMPTATION tour will go on sale April 4th. Keep an eye on the tour page to see which shows are on sale.

09/25/14 The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
09/26/14 Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA
09/28/14 Gothic Theater – Denver, CO
09/30/14 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
10/01/14 Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
10/02/14 Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI
10/03/14 The Sound Academy – Toronto, ON – CANADA
10/05/14 Metropolis – Montreal, QC – CANADA
10/07/14 Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore, MD
10/09/14 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
10/10/14 Terminal 5 – New York, NY
10/11/14 The Palladium – Worcester, MA

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March 31, 2014
  • Mimi Y

    OMG! Getting my tickets NOW! I love you guys, thank you for coming back to Toronto! :)

  • http://www.distantavalon.com Sara Pease

    DENVER!!!! YES!!! Love love LOVE you so much WT!!! <3 BEST NEWS I'VE HAD ALL MONTH!! I'm debating if I should come to the concert in my Sinéad cosplay…hmm…lol (and Amaranthe is opening for you…this seriously is my dream concert~~)

  • Joss grun

    Managua, Nicaragua lunes, 31 de marzo del 2014

    Hola chicos holandeses

    “Cuando escuchas las canciones de esta banda realmente te llega a gustar, el sonido es de buen gusto y al menos aquí en Nicaragua no es muy común, siempre he pensado que la forma en como componen y producen el sonido es única, de cualquier forma me gustan”

    Creo que a la gente de E.E. U.U. les gusta bastante el sonido y pienso que el tipo de música que ustedes cantan es bien aceptado, claro, creo que eso depende del gusto de cada quien.

    Tenia entendido que la gira de su nuevo álbum comprendían ciertas fechas, como el de la gira pasada de The Unforgiving, pero de cualquier forma a los estadounidenses les gusta y creo que cualquier persona que los escuchen también les gustara.


    Joss Grun

  • Colby

    Oh no!! I live in Mississippi, and I can’t afford to go to any of these locations. I have been wanting to see y’all since “The Heart of Everything Era” New Orleans? Memphis? Birmingham? Atlanta? Jackson (I know Jackson might be pushing it but still…)?
    P.S. I watch a recording of one of your recent concerts and I was overjoyed to hear that y’all still perform “The Cross!”

  • http://alskdjfn.notreal.com Lynda Goebbel

    I hope that’s not all the dates you guys plan to schedule… I just did the happy dance only to get shot down… Please come to Texas. If not Houston, then at least Austin or Dallas… I think I’m gonna cry. ):

  • http://www.angelicaltears.com Glenn Flansburg

    Where is Dallas or Kansas City? Not sure how it is considered coast to coast when most of the interior is left out.

  • Amadeus Nigrum

    Oh my god!!!! Please come to México with Amaranthe, you are my two favorite bands, please, please, please!!!!

  • Carolina

    Can you guys consider coming to Costa Rica please? We are a small, but powerful audience who will sing along heart and soul.
    My birthday is during October so it would be the best present ever! I hope you consider coming down to latinamerica. We love you!!! ♥

  • CarrieLeFey

    I’m in South Carolina and I’m like nothing down south. No Atlanta? Why? This sucks! We always get cheated down here. I’ve been a loyal fan for a decade and spent every spare cent on merch and cds. And I still don’t get to see my favorite band live.

  • CarrieLeFey

    I did the happy dance to and I feel like they ripped away part of my heart. A decade as a fan and I never get to see them.

  • John Nilsen

    X( Absolutely nothing in the south!!! Not even close!!! Sad …….just sad!!

  • Tracye

    agreed! there is a nice group of us who have been patiently waiting to hear when WT was coming to florida. very disappointed if these are the only dates, and the closest to boot.

  • CarrieLeFey

    I’m in South Carolina. I’ve been a huge fan for a decade now. I was hoping for at least an Atlanta date. I’m so disappointed, crushed, hurt, upset, and even angry.

  • Rodrigo Tenorio


  • Mário Rodrigues

    South America, Brazil, São Paulo… *.* Please…

  • Gerald Jensen

    Royal Oak isn’t too far…but wondering how much tickets will be!

  • Daniele Fernandes

    Please! Come to South America, Rio de Janeiro!

  • Lea Schuster

    5.Days.Left.Util.I.see.you.guys.in.Munich!!! (sorry, I needed to say that, I’m already jumping around like an idiot the whole day :P ). And very cool that you go to anerica, bdw. I know someone in NY who will now be happy as hell :)

  • Matt Owens

    THRILLED that the USA is finally receiving a bit of love… though as a hardcore fan of more than 10 years, never seeing a Dallas, TX tourdate is consistently disheartening. My heart skipped a few beats when I finally saw a USA tour announcement AND partnered with another fave band – Amaranthe, but when no TX date was announced, it was a severe blow. Thank you for finally at least giving the USA a decent tour, though I wish (once again) the rest of us could have a chance to see you.

  • Nogib

    Thrilled to see you coming back to the US again!

  • Eric Sloss

    Agreed. I don’t think they have ever toured Florida. This was not unexpected, but always disappointing. I would like to see the group one day. I just don’t know if it will ever happen.

  • Moirla

    I thought for sure this was an April Fool’s joke when my friend shared it on Facebook this morning. Then I read the date of the article was 3/31/14 and now I’m rather excited!

  • Colby

    Like y’all have said, we have waited and waited and everytime they come to the U.S the south gets left out. I also am thinking that I will never get to see them, at least before they stray from songs from “The Heart of Everything” and before and those are the ones I want to hear above all! I’ve been holding back on my honesty so as not to be rude but after years and years I just can’t keep it in.

  • Ryan Perodeau

    I was hoping you all would come to Florida

  • Jëzz Brightside

    I didnt see mexico!!! Please guys come here!! You have a lot of fans that are waiting for your concerts!!

  • Dani

    I’m sad to see that there’s no concerts in Western Canada :( (
    I hope more dates can be added…..

  • David Senter

    You’re not really coming to the southeast US are you…

  • Sumeet Dandekar

    Looks like they’re using a very old-school north american booking agent who only books metal tours in california, the great lakes, and the northeast. A band at this level really should be doing more than 12 north american dates if they seek to make a real impression on the live front… especially with so many tours now making well-attended stops in the southeast, northwest, midwest, etc. I’ve already seen shows on 10 metal tours so far this year in central florida. If this is the full extent of their north american tour, it’s disappointingly unambitious.

  • Melissa

    No Florida dates but after waiting 7 years to see you live I AM
    FLYING to make it happen. Bring on October!!! m/ m/

  • eric jacques

    I am so Happy that you coming to Montréal and Amaranthe that opening the concert ! Sharon and Elyse on one stage in my hometown, that be the best night of my life, thanks again ;)

  • Angela Flaherty

    I agree with Melissa , I live in Florida and we will fly to the detroit Michigan show if we have to , but please consider adding just one show anywhere in the south…ex. atlanta , one way or the other cant wait

  • Devanea

    I agree, I am glad they’re FINALLY coming back to the US and doing a serious tour but if this is it for North America then it’s still disappointing. I live in Iowa and luckily I am only 3 hours from the Minneapolis one but still, they should go all over the country if they are going to do a tour.

  • Sietske C. Van Schaik

    WT is my favorite band.. Seriously, the first time I saw Ice queen in 2001 on TV I was hooked. As a Dutchie in the US (since 2004) I am proud to share their awesome music, a little bit of home and a whole lot of awesome.. and now y’all are coming here and not even going to be near me. So sad :-(

    Please consider Birmingham, AL or Atlanta, GA. I know one of those cities would sell out in no time.

  • Joshua

    Finally you’re coming back to the states!! I will definitely see you at both the Baltimore and Philly shows.. .

  • George Erdner

    Amen to that! Especially Atlanta!

  • George Erdner

    While you’re in the States, you might want to have your booking people contact the people who run the US Public Broadcasting System. During their frequent “Pledge Nights” the stations often air concert videos of European bands that aren’t well known in the States yet. If you could come to terms with them about airing Black Symphony as a pledge period, you could increase your exposure (and recording sales) in the US by an order of magnitude!

  • Richard Van Ry

    Salt Lake City would be a dubious choice BUT I’d happily drive 500 miles to see you in Las Vegas. Please… I’m begging!

  • Ashley Frederick

    Would love to see you play in Buffalo, NY someday <3

  • Andrew Mayo

    Nova Scotians missing you guys, play halifax someday please