WT TV is your own Within Temptation page with all the video footage you need!

Although we see a lot of fans during our tour we also want to give you a special inside look at what goes on in between shows.

That’s why we’re starting The Unforgiving Tour Vlog, where we’ll be posting our own videos and showing you what we’re up to on tour! You’re going to see: our adventures during traveling, what we do before we go on stage and what we enjoy doing in our spare time.

We have gathered the official music videos for our singles on this page. Watch and listen to all our videos from way back until now.

Video reports of things that are related with Within Temptation. Interviews of WT members, reports of events such as the fan club day, reports from the studio, tour rehearsals and also documentaries of what some of the band members do in their free time.

Don’t miss out on any cool video’s on the web. Funny, interesting, cool,  scary, amazing, cute, revolutionary, we gathered the “must sees”.

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