The Royal Wedding

This may be one of the most important cultural events for the British Public in years.

The Wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William.

Occuring on the 28th of April with coverage by the BBC and many other channels this event was shown world wide with much speculation about Kate Middleton’s dress and hair style. The highlights being the return of  the royal couple to Buckingham Palace after the wedding and the balcony scene, which involved William and Kate kissing and flybys by both modern and World War aircraft, the entire event being witnessed live and on TV by millions of viewers.

Across the UK screens were set up in parks and street parties were held to celebrate the occasion.

Are Kate and Will the couple who will lead the British public and the Royal family forward? People can only speculate, but one thing that is known is that  it’s been one of the most anticipated and publicised events in years.

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May 2, 2011
  • stormwind47

    About this royal wedding… OK I understand that it means joy and hope for all the British people. Yet I think it was a bit too much, I mean it lasted for several hours, was on every channel, in the news… There are more important things going on in the world after all. PS1 : I found her wedding dress was not so extraordinary. (sorry) PS2 : For me the wedding of the century would be the wedding of… you know (with an amazing dress :-) )

  • IceQueen625

    I thought the wedding was beautiful. It’s nice to take a break from all the horrors of the world and celebrate the love of two people. And personally, I thought Catherine looked beautiful in that dress. It fit her style and wasn’t too much.

  • lovethesun

    @IceQueen625 Totally agree. There’s so many terrible things happening in the world, that it’s nice to celebrate some good news. And the dress was stunning, Catherine looked amazing! And besides, there were obvious reasons why the wedding (and the dress) wasn’t as big as Charles and Diana’s wedding. It was a lovely day for them and us, (though I can understand people having enough of it all by about the tenth replay of the vows. The media does tend to go a bit overboard). :)