Release: November 14, 2014

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Dive into the mesmerizing world of Within Temptation with "Let Us Burn (Elements & Hydra Live In Concert)" – a captivating DVD and 2-CD set. Immerse yourself in the band's unforgettable performances in Antwerp and Amsterdam, featuring hits like "Iron," "Paradise (What About Us?)," and "Ice Queen." This all-encompassing media collection, released in 2014, delivers rock at its finest. The 8-panel Digisleeve ensures a stylish addition to your music library. With compatibility in NTSC format, this release is a must-have for any true Within Temptation enthusiast.


    DVD 1: Elements Antwerp
    DVD-01. Intro
    DVD-02. Iron
    DVD-03. In The Middle Of The Night
    DVD-04. Faster
    DVD-05. Fire And Ice
    DVD-06. Our Solemn Hour
    DVD-07. Stand My Ground
    DVD-08. Angels
    DVD-09. Sanctuary Intro
    DVD-10. The Last Dance
    DVD-11. Say My Name
    DVD-12. Candles
    DVD-13. Sinead
    DVD-14. The Promise
    DVD-15. Mother Earth
    DVD-16. Ice Queen
    DVD-17. Stairway To The Skies

    DVD 2: Hydra Amsterdam
    DVD-18. Intro
    DVD-19. Let Us Burn
    DVD-20. Paradise (What About Us?)
    DVD-21. Faster
    DVD-22. Iron
    DVD-23. Edge Of The World
    DVD-24. In The Middle Of The Night
    DVD-25. Dangerous
    DVD-26. And We Run
    DVD-27. Stand My Ground
    DVD-28. Covered By Roses
    DVD-29. Mother Earth
    DVD-30. What Have You Done
    DVD-31. Silver Moonlight
    DVD-32. Whole World Is Watching
    DVD-33. Sinead
    DVD-34. Ice Queen

    CD1: Elements Live At Sportspalais, Antwerp
    CD1-01. Iron
    CD1-02. In The Middle Of The Night
    CD1-03. Faster
    CD1-04. Fire And Ice
    CD1-05. Our Solemn Hour
    CD1-06. Stand My Ground
    CD1-07. Angels
    CD1-08. Sanctuary Intro
    CD1-09. The Last Dance
    CD1-010. Say My Name
    CD1-11. Candles
    CD1-12. Sinead
    CD1-13. The Promise
    CD1-14. Mother Earth
    CD1-15. Ice Queen
    CD1-16. Stairway To The Skies

    CD2: Hydra Live At Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
    CD2-01. Let Us Burn
    CD2-02. Paradise (What About Us?)
    CD2-03. Faster
    CD2-04. Iron
    CD2-05. Edge Of The World
    CD2-06. In The Middle Of The Night
    CD2-07. Dangerous
    CD2-08. And We Run
    CD2-09. Stand My Ground
    CD2-10. Covered By Roses
    CD2-11. Mother Earth
    CD2-12. What Have You Done
    CD2-13. Silver Moonlight
    CD2-14. Whole World Is Watching
    CD2-15. Sinead
    CD2-16. Ice Queen

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