Release: February 04, 2014

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Immerse yourself in the symphonic allure of Within Temptation's "Hydra" CD, an epic rock masterpiece released on Feb 4, 2014. With powerful collaborations featuring Howard Jones, Xzibit, and Tarja, this album weaves a tapestry of emotional melodies and captivating lyrics. The limited edition from Nuclear Blast Entertainment (3236-2) showcases the band's signature symphonic metal style. Let the enchanting tracks like "Let Us Burn" and "Paradise (What About Us?)" transport you to a realm of musical excellence.


    1. Let Us Burn
    2. Dangerous
    3. And We Run
    4. Paradise (What About Us?)
    5. Edge Of The World
    6. Silver Moonlight
    7. Covered By Roses
    8. Dog Days
    9. Tell Me Why
    10. Whole World Is Watching

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