Release: November 14, 2014

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Elevate your Within Temptation experience with "Let Us Burn (Elements & Hydra Live In Concert)" – a spectacular blend of visual and auditory brilliance. This 2-CD and Blu-ray digipak, released in 2014, showcases the band's dynamic performances in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Feel the energy of iconic tracks like "Iron," "Paradise (What About Us?)," and "Ice Queen" with the Blu-ray's Region A & B compatibility. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric rock vibes with this collector's gem.


    BLU-RAY 1: Elements Antwerp
    DVD-01. Intro
    DVD-02. Iron
    DVD-03. In The Middle Of The Night
    DVD-04. Faster
    DVD-05. Fire And Ice
    DVD-06. Our Solemn Hour
    DVD-07. Stand My Ground
    DVD-08. Angels
    DVD-09. Sanctuary Intro
    DVD-10. The Last Dance
    DVD-11. Say My Name
    DVD-12. Candles
    DVD-13. Sinead
    DVD-14. The Promise
    DVD-15. Mother Earth
    DVD-16. Ice Queen
    DVD-17. Stairway To The Skies

    BLU RAY 2: Hydra Amsterdam
    DVD-18. Intro
    DVD-19. Let Us Burn
    DVD-20. Paradise (What About Us?)
    DVD-21. Faster
    DVD-22. Iron
    DVD-23. Edge Of The World
    DVD-24. In The Middle Of The Night
    DVD-25. Dangerous
    DVD-26. And We Run
    DVD-27. Stand My Ground
    DVD-28. Covered By Roses
    DVD-29. Mother Earth
    DVD-30. What Have You Done
    DVD-31. Silver Moonlight
    DVD-32. Whole World Is Watching
    DVD-33. Sinead
    DVD-34. Ice Queen

    CD1: Elements Live At Sportspalais, Antwerp
    CD1-01. Iron
    CD1-02. In The Middle Of The Night
    CD1-03. Faster
    CD1-04. Fire And Ice
    CD1-05. Our Solemn Hour
    CD1-06. Stand My Ground
    CD1-07. Angels
    CD1-08. Sanctuary Intro
    CD1-09. The Last Dance
    CD1-010. Say My Name
    CD1-11. Candles
    CD1-12. Sinead
    CD1-13. The Promise
    CD1-14. Mother Earth
    CD1-15. Ice Queen
    CD1-16. Stairway To The Skies

    CD2: Hydra Live At Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
    CD2-01. Let Us Burn
    CD2-02. Paradise (What About Us?)
    CD2-03. Faster
    CD2-04. Iron
    CD2-05. Edge Of The World
    CD2-06. In The Middle Of The Night
    CD2-07. Dangerous
    CD2-08. And We Run
    CD2-09. Stand My Ground
    CD2-10. Covered By Roses
    CD2-11. Mother Earth
    CD2-12. What Have You Done
    CD2-13. Silver Moonlight
    CD2-14. Whole World Is Watching
    CD2-15. Sinead
    CD2-16. Ice Queen

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